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District 3 councilmember Toni Atkins issued a press release on October 7, asking for reconsideration of the Navy’s plan to redevelop the Navy Broadway Complex.

The project puts 15 acres of waterfront property into the hands of San Diego developer Doug Manchester. In exchange for building a new hotel and some commercial and retail space, Manchester has agreed to build the Navy a one-million-square-foot administrative building on the site.

Plans for redevelopment of the Navy’s aged regional headquarters have been in the works for over two decades. After repeated snags, the Navy would like to move full steam ahead, but a mounting resistance from residents might slow progress down.

In the press release, Atkins lists the reasons for her opposition: “It may be the perfect time to reconsider the development agreement for the Navy Broadway Complex. Downtown land use, homeland-security concerns, and local economic circumstances have changed since this agreement was approved 18 years ago; however, San Diego’s desire for an iconic waterfront remains the same.”

The statement came in response to a request from Congresswoman Susan Davis for a similar reevaluation of the project.

“In light of the Congresswoman’s statement, I reiterate my steadfast opposition to the project as presented,” reads the press release. “I am hopeful that the U.S. Navy, the City of San Diego and the Centre City Development Corporation will all come to the table and reopen discussions, review the Navy’s requirements and incorporate those needs into a new development agreement.”

For the concerned citizens, the backing from Atkins doesn’t hold much water. The councilmember is serving the last months of her term and, back in February when the city council voted on whether the Navy should submit a new environmental impact report, the only other dissenting voice on the council came from Councilmember Donna Frye.

With that, the citizens against the Navy Broadway Complex are looking to the candidates from District 3 to follow up on Atkins's efforts.

To date, both Stephen Whitburn and Todd Gloria have spoken out against the project as it is currently proposed.

“I’ve been on the record a while now opposing the project as is currently envisioned. The context of downtown has changed significantly since the project has been proposed. I support an additional environmental review,” says Gloria. “I’d particularly like to see a project that is less dense and places the Navy at a more secure site behind a fence line and would provide additional open space to the citizens along the waterfront.”

Whitburn agrees: “The Navy needs and deserves a good home in San Diego, and the citizens deserve to have unlimited access to the downtown waterfront. We may be able to accomplish both by exploring alternative sites for the administration building. If the intent is to proceed with the current project, then definitely, a new environmental assessment should be done.”

For more on the candidates go to their websites at toddgloria.com and stephenwhitburn.com.

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historymatters Oct. 9, 2008 @ 11:36 p.m.

If you really oppose Manchester Broadway Complex Todd, why dont you give all these people that are placing all their bets on you their money back...

Todd Gloria 08: Bryan Min Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. Founder, President & CEO High-Tech and Bio-Tech 270 270 2007-06-29

Todd Gloria 08: Julie Min Homemaker Miscellaneous Individuals 270 270 2007-12-20

Todd Gloria 08: Dwayne N Junker Epsilon Systems Solutions Chief Operating Officer Business Services 270 270 2007-12-20

Todd Gloria 08: Dean Araujo Epsilon Systems Solutions VP & GM Fleet Eng. Services Business Services 125 250 2007-12-20

Todd Gloria 08: Robin A Nordberg Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. Dir. of Contracts Business Services 150 150 2007-12-20

Todd Gloria 08: Jack Sears Jr. Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc. VP Business Services 100 100 2007-12-20

Todd Gloria 08: Ralph E Staples Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. VP Marketing & Strategic Planning Business Services 150 150 2007-12-20

Todd Gloria 08: Alan R Stewart Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc. Senior Vice President/CFO Business Services 270 270 2007-12-20


historymatters Oct. 9, 2008 @ 11:24 p.m.

If Todd cares so much why did he take money from the president of Manchester Development and 9 highranking employees at Epsilon systems (Epsilon is working w/ Ratheon building missiles for this war). Epsilon has regularly voiced support for this project because they have a contract w/ Manchester. In fact the CEO Dewayne Junker (who gave Todd $270) regularly has spoken at city mtgs supporting the project. Com'on, we have seen Toni posture like this before. She voices concern and then finds a reason why we cant do anything about it aka demolition permits. Obviously, this is a big campaign ploy. Luckily we are smarter this time around.


Stephen_Davis_from_South_Park Oct. 13, 2008 @ 12:40 p.m.

Whitburn is just another tainted political hack. Here’s what he won’t tell you:

 He greased his campaign with over $100,000 to make up for his lack of support within District 3.

Surprisingly, Whitburn has no assets besides a 1991 Honda Civic that he purchased for $6,635. Where does a person who can’t afford a car with power windows get the collateral to borrow $100,000 for a political race?

Why won’t Whitburn come clean about the source of his over $100K contribution?

If it was from his family’s private trust from back east, he should be honest about it. However, what if the loan is backed by someone else trying to curry insider influence within San Diego?

How does he plan to pay this loan back if he gets elected and is making only $70,000 as a City Council Member?

Furthermore, what does it say about his personal financial responsibility? Do we really need another poor financial decision maker on City Council? The voters deserve and answer to these questions.

 Sadly, Whitburn also proudly touts the endorsements he received from a convicted criminal. John Hartley, who was former candidate for District 3 and plead no-contest to a lewdness charge during the election, is listed as a proud supporter of Whitburn. After his plea, Hartley was forbidden from continuing to teach as a substitute teacher in the San Diego Unified School District – yet Whitburn obviously thinks he is an appropriate supported to list as a friend. I hope no high school kids are volunteering on Whitburn’s Campaign.


Fred Williams Oct. 23, 2008 @ 11:52 a.m.

Yet more lies and deception directly from the keyboard of Todd Gloria...disguised by the pseudonym "Stephen_Davis_of_South_Park", the name Todd Gloria hides behind in his desperate efforts to smear Stephen Whitburn. There is NO Stephen Davis in South Park. Look it up at the Registrar of Voters.

Former City Councilman John Hartley was the champion of district elections and improved public safety in District 3. Even after his embarrassing and humiliating experience, over 4,000 district residents voted for John Hartley because they know he really does put their interests first. That's why Whitburn accepted John's endorsement.

John Hartley knows that Stephen Whitburn will put neighborhoods before downtown lobbyists and developers.

Stephen Whitburn uses HIS OWN savings to pay for his campaign.

Gloria, by contrast, takes dirty money from any slime ball with cash. He's even proud to take money from the bigoted reactionaries at Manchester Financial Group, the gay-bashers backing Proposition 8.

Gloria was humiliated at the neighborhood debates in District 3. He was loudly booed by those he claims to represent. When he claimed he personally built "2000 affordable housing units" everyone knew he was a bald-faced liar.

We don't need another tool of developers on the council. We need honest and open leadership that will support change in San Diego.

That's why Stephen Whitburn has the endorsement of the Neighborhood Leaders Alliance, the Sierra Club, Donna Frye, and the San Diego Democratic Party.

Imagine that...even his own party, in spite of relentless pressure from Susan Davis and downtown lobbyists, refused to endorse Todd Gloria.

Nobody trusts Todd Gloria with his unrelenting lies. It's time for Change in San Diego.

That's why I'm voting for Stephen Whitburn.


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