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"Huevos con Queso," by Agave, was the most downloaded MP3 from our website in October. Below is an interview with the band’s primary songwriter, Rusty Bishop.

What is it about Mexico that musicians — especially San Diego musicians — find so appealing?

Rusty Bishop: Mexico is and has been the new frontier for centuries. It’s truly the wild West, where anything goes. We find that when we visit Mexico, we are always in situations that involve danger, mystique, and excitement. There is always this exotic element of the unknown. This, in turn, translates to a song like “Huevos con Queso,” which incorporates a complex blend of humor, danger, sex, and culture not often found in mainstream music today.

Do you take trips to Mexico in hopes of finding a new flavor for your music, something normally overlooked by everyone in the U.S.?

We take trips to Mexico to surf, camp, fish, play music festivals, and to get away from the normal day-to-day grind. But that’s not to say that we are doing that in order to find a new flavor for our music. The influence is already there without needing to go to Mexico. In addition, our drummer is from Mexico City, and he naturally brings a Mexican flavor to anything we do.

What other countries or states influence Agave music?

If you listen to our album Radiates Your Head from start to finish, you’ll hear influences from all over the world, not necessarily just Mexico. This is more of a reflection of the different tastes that each member of the band brings to the table.

What other countries or states do you plan on traveling to in order to get new sounds?

Our island tour through the Gulf of Thailand kicks off with a “half-moon” party in Koh Phangan. Hope to see you there. Get the full details on our Facebook page.

Lyrics to “Huevos con Queso”:

I’ve been kickin’ ’round this place
Never knowin’ when to stop
Walkin’ these dusty streets
Just tryin’ to avoid the cops
Been here about a week now
In this one-horse border town
Not runnin’ from anybody
I’m just lookin’ for the sound
Sounds can be elusive
On a seven-day drunk
Stumbled into a beach bar
And these boys dropped the funk
Hightailed it outta there
On the heels of the dawn
Time for a little siesta
Still hummin’ that salsa song


This one was not like the others
Hope to get her under the covers
Later on when I get her back home
Gonna keep on movin’ all night long
Huevos con queso
Tortillas to start the day
Time to find a cerveza
Maybe a senorita to play
Stumbled into a beach bar
Margaritas two for one
There were two girls with one guy
Damn that son of a gun
Damn that son of a gun

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