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Artist: Gemini

Song: “Priceless” (from the CD Do What We Do Records Presents)

Heard By: Greta Smith, North Park

Essentially, I feel like what they were trying to say is that “their love is priceless” and that “if you don’t know that by now, you’ll never know.” I think it’s poignant and works on many levels, but it’s not really my thing. It was really minimal; I heard some snapping and a series of squeaks, but it was rhythmic. I really don’t listen to R&B at all. I felt like it wasn’t too over-the-top — like, all “note-y” with too many notes. They played it safe. It’s so mild, it could be on a commercial. It’s almost like a jingle. I could see someone kicking back in their house and listening to that while sweeping the floor.

Artist: Little Man T

Song: “Tea Party” (from the CD Mon Autre Moitié)

Heard By: Dan Bryant, Brooklyn, NY

It had the aspects of stereotypical French café music — not in a bad

way — but with some “prog” almost. Like maybe if some kids who were into more math-y indie rock were also really into that music at the same time and synthesized the two. It was all instrumental. There’s at least two stringed instruments or more and an accordion. There’s also some xylophone or glockenspiel recurring throughout. It was pretty pleasant music. I couldn’t help but picture frantic, high-end cooking or cuisine going on — like, maybe a montage shot of people cutting vegetables and big pots of steam.

Artist: Shaka Buku

Song: “Set Yourself Free” (from the CD Feel Different)

Heard By: Bryan Welch, San Francisco

It was like a commercial for a cruise ship. The first lyrics are about “being 45 but feeling 25.” That snippet is what you’d use in the beginning of the commercial because when you cut up a song for a commercial, you use the breakdown and maybe one poignant lyric that vibes with your brand. You’re only working with, like, 60 seconds. There’s a slap-bass solo you would use, but only, like, a second of it. At the end [of the song] there’s a guy chanting “S-E-T yourself free” and you’d fade out the commercial on that. I would compare them to Huey Lewis and News.

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