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Artist: The Fascination

Song: “Do You Know What I Mean” (from myspace.com/thefascination)

Heard By: Benjamin Inouye, East Village

I thought it was pretty good. It sort of reminded me if Interpol and New Order had a child. I feel like if you enjoy that style of music, you would enjoy this. I imagine it was just a full band with standard rock instrumentation. They were pretty tight. For that style of music I think you have to be. If not radio airplay, I think it would get a lot of buzz. I always feel like in the indie subcultures of music there are the super-elitists and then there’s the people who listen to popular music and what they perceive indie music to be. People, when they hear [the Fascination], would be, like, “Oh, here’s some new band that I discovered,” but to the elitists it would be, like, “Oh, no, forget about that.”

Artist: The Muslims

Song: “Nightlife” (from myspace.com/themuslims)

Heard By: Oscar Vega, National City

I liked everything, actually — the lyrics, the singer’s voice — it was different. He has a cool voice. It sounds kind of like ’80s music and punk. [The only comparison] that I could think of right now would be the Sex Pistols...I don’t know why. It was the regular instruments — bass, guitar, drums... I think I only heard one guitar; I’m not sure. They were just having fun. It was just some fun lyrics about going out at night. It sounds like something underground. If I were to put that song on, I would be on my way to Coronado or something with my friends...mostly girls, I guess.

Artist: Gregory Page

Song: “Sleeping Dogs” (from the CD All Make Believe)

Heard By: Abel Gongora, Chula Vista

I liked it. I think the lyrics were kind of abstract, though. It went off on one idea first and then another idea. I like the rhythm, and the guy’s voice is really rich. It was nice. I guess it has kind of a Jack Johnson type of feel to it...that kind of folk-y sound. It’s something different and, hey, it’s catchy. They had an orchestra part in the interlude, which I thought was cool. He had a nice-sounding guitar. The chorus line was really nice. It was pleasant; I enjoyed it. I would definitely want to hear more of him. For me, personally, I don’t really go out and buy CDs that sound like Jack Johnson unless it’s kind of bluesy, but he’s more “pop.”

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