For the last eight to nine years a small ceramic Santa has stood in our front yard during Christmas time. Santa was nothing fancy: he was purchased years ago while crossing the TJ border back to the US, costing maybe five or six dollars. This December, Santa took his position in the yard and then about Sunday 12/22 someone stole Santa. Everyone told me this was going to happen, everyone being my wife.

Now who would steal a cheap ceramic Santa of no value? I have an idea of who might do such an act. Perhaps it is someone from the apartments below who park on our street as they have no parking in their lot. They throw their beer bottles in the flower beds. Perhaps it is one of those who throw their fast food trash into the street right next to their car. Perhaps it is one of the wannabe gang members in the neighborhood. Real gang members don't steal Santas. They be busy banging on each other. Perhaps it is one of the fools who run stop signs and red lights because traffic laws don't apply to them.

Perhaps it is...

In the spirit of Christmas I should "forgive and forget," and say "Hope you enjoy the Santa you stole from my yard." I'm not in that spirit today. You're a coward and I hope you rot in hell. Happy new year scumbucket.

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