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'A really good friend of my family's has been U2's tour business manager for about 20 years, so I got to meet famous people," says Brendan Concannon, drummer for Big Provider. "When I was 12, I ate lunch next to the Edge. They were rehearsing for the stadium leg of Zoo TV in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and I was in the catering tent eating Swedish meatballs when he sat down next to me. I almost fell out of my chair."

The 26-year-old recalls, "I met Les Claypool, Perry Farrell, Henry Rollins, Peter Gabriel...When I was about 20, I was a runner for the short-lived Diana Ross and the Supremes tour. We had specific instructions that, if she were walking down the hall, we were to immediately run into the nearest doorway, and we were not allowed to make eye contact with her. The crew guys I spoke with acknowledged that she was a demanding bitch."

Concannon's bandmates -- Jackson Price (vocals/guitar) and Joey Sutera (bass/vocals) -- are half-brothers. "They fight, and brothers fight more bitterly than workmates or friends," he says. "They're like Oasis Lite -- all the confrontation, with none of the hard drug abuse."

Big Provider performs at the 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach on Friday, June 15.


Jackson Price:

1. AFI, December Underground ("Tight musicianship with powerful choruses and amazing production.")

2. Dave Barnes, Brother, Bring the Sun ("Cool guitar riffs all throughout the CD and a great vocalist.")

3. Sergeant Garcia, Un Poquito Quema'o ("Latin-influenced reggae with cool melodies and horn parts, as long as you don't mind Spanish lyrics.")

4. Odessa, Oak Park Avenue ("A small band from New Zealand, funky as hell...the recording sounds like a '70s Tower of Power recording.")

Joey Sutera:

1. The Living End, Modern Artillery ("There is nothing better to sing with, it's just kick-ass rock and roll.")

2. Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dulcinea ("It's so simple and so good.")

3. John Mayer, Continuum ("Couple of real tasty slow jams.")

4. AFI, Sing the Sorrow ("I'm trying to overcome a serious AFI addiction.")

Brendan Concannon:

1. Bouncing Souls, The Gold Record ("A band that never disappoints, with some great punk rock.")

2. The Bronx, self-titled ("Completely balls out rock and roll, probably the best band I've heard in the past five years.")

3. The Alkaline Trio, Crimson ("Great drumming, catchy songs; they do a lot for a trio.")



1. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls ("Just for the sheer ridiculousness of Jim Carrey's humor.")

2. Legends of the Fall ("Awesome scenery, and one of those movies that chokes you up no matter how many times you watch it.")


1. Clerks ("Pretty much the greatest movie ever.")

2. Dances with Wolves ("I hate when the American soldiers shoot the wolf.")

3. Point Break ("So corny, but you've gotta love Anthony Kiedis getting rough.")

4. Ben Folds Live ("You've never seen anyone conduct an audience like Ben Folds.")

5. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey ("It's not just for kids; this movie has some serious dramatic elements.")


1. Better Off Dead ("The writing is genius, and Cusak is a great loveable loser.")

2. Caddyshack ("I hear Chevy Chase is an insufferable jerk in real life, but he's a great comedic actor.")

3. Fight Club ("Good, unapologetic, gratuitous violence.")



1. Sean Paul, "Gimme da Light" ("How many times can you repeat the same shit?")

2. Afroman, "Because I Got High" ("Something about the tone and delivery in his voice is so annoying.")

3. Nelly, "Air Force Ones" ("Something about singing about your shoes?")


1. Mariah Carey ("Absolutely disgusting.")

2. Gwen Stefani ("Used to be so good.")

3. Fall Out Boy ("Most ridiculous lyrics I've ever heard.")

4. Ted Nugent ("One of the humans I'd least like to meet.")


"Anything by Celine Dion or Michael Bolton will do just fine."


Price: "Last July, South Lake Tahoe, we showed up just to find out we weren't even on the schedule. The place was a gay bar converted to a venue that had absolutely no draw. We played over two hours of music to about four people. We ended up getting drunk and skinny dipping in the lake at four in the morning with some girl from the show."

Sutera: "The Jumping Turtle, couple years ago -- our old drummer never showed. Jackson and I played acoustic, but our buddy Faustino kept feeding us tequila. Jackson was falling asleep on his stool, and it just got uglier from there."

Concannon: "About two years ago, with a different band at 'Canes, I was so fed up with everything and everyone at the time that I walked offstage after five songs. The promoter wanted to fight me."


Sutera: "I have no TV channels. Sometimes I try to get my rabbit ears up to watch the Tour de France, or Ironman triathlon, or the Super Bowl, or some big sporting event, but it's always fuzzy, so I turn it off, and that's fine."

Concannon: "The Office, Scrubs, and The Simpsons. I'm all about mindless, goofy humor."


Price: "What is the deal with not letting gays get married? It makes no sense to me, and if George Bush only knew how many gays were in Iraq fighting for his ass..."

Sutera: "The environment -- global warming, etc. -- is clearly our biggest concern. This is not political either; it's a humanitarian concern. Taxes, welfare, immigration, education, civil rights, democracy in Iraq -- all of these things are trivial if we destroy our environment."

Concannon: "To get somebody in charge of the country who I don't think I could beat in a Boggle tournament."


Sutera: "...wishing I'd been cast on Knight Rider instead."

Concannon: "...mortified. I hate science fiction."

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