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DJ: Xavier,the X man
Station: Magic 92.5 FM
Shift: 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. weekdays; 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Sunday (oldies show).

I was a freshman in college, in the Bay Area [in the early '90s]. That was where my radio career began in college radio. I was cruisin' around in my Honda Civic, listening to KMEL, which is one of the biggest stations there. I heard the DJ say, "Here's a song called 'Ice Ice Baby,' by Vanilla Ice."

When people talk about Vanilla Ice or that song is mentioned now, they always make fun of it. But when I heard that song, you could really hear the bass when you cranked it up in your car. I liked the rap. I liked his sample from the Queen song ["Under Pressure"]. You had to just turn the radio up.

I was DJing house parties and at clubs. And when I played that song, everyone got on the dance floor. Everyone liked it. Whether it was kids, adults -- everyone started dancing when they heard it. No matter what anyone says now, everyone was bumpin' when that came out.

And, it wasn't like now, where a song and video often come out simultaneously. So, at first, we didn't see what this white kid looked like. And, once people saw him and the song had been out for a while, people started making fun of his look.

Today, I have good memories thinking about the song. It's like an instant memory flashback to where you were at, and what you were doing."

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