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Artist: DJ Skizz
Song: “Wut Iz”
Heard by: John Garcia, Chula Vista
I thought it was well done. It was mixed really well. It had good beats and good rhythms. It was pretty classic stuff — ’90s stuff — like DJ Shadow and Kid Koala. It kind of has a little bit of trip-hop in it. It’s all instrumental, with scratching over the beats. I could see that being played on [FM 94/9’s] Big Sonic Chill. That would be a good song for hanging out with friends at, like, a bar or house party. I would give that song a 7.5 out of ­10.

Artist: Dirtbag Surfers
Song: “Hairy Eyeball”
Heard by: Alden Medina, South Bay
I thought it was cool. I liked that it was an instrumental. I didn’t have to worry about if I liked the vocalist or not. It was raw; it made me feel like I was in a garage. I think it’s something that would definitely liven up the party, but it’s not something you would sit back to and drink some cognac. It had a “surfer on acid” kind of feel. The group is solid. It was repetitive — a little dynamics wouldn’t have hurt. You can still be raw and dynamic, I think. If I was in my car, I think it would make the car ride fun. I think the fact that it’s instrumental [makes it so] you can make your own words to the ­soundtrack.

Artist: Scatter Brain the Acid Atheist
Song: “San Diego Pop Trotter”
Heard by: Bryan Riggs, San Diego
I liked it. It sounded cool because it’s good San Diego hip-hop, which I rarely hear. I’m kind of a sucker for thuggish hip-hop shit like that. It reminded me kind of the Game or older West Coast shit. It would be cool to see him live. I liked the beat because I’m kind of a metalhead. It doesn’t really change, though. He was rapping about smoking weed and driving around — what normal West Coast rappers rap about. If he got connected, I could see him getting radio airplay. Look at all the bad rappers that are popular, like Ja Rule and 50 Cent. 50 Cent is not talented at all. If I was listening to that song, I’d be in my friend’s car smoking weed or driving to a ­party.

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