I heard the phrase "This house is so cool" about 20 times. Where the bartender was serving drinks, I heard the phrase "Where does the line start?" about ten times.

I overheard one guy say, "I've never seen so much dyed hair and cosmetic surgery in my life." I noticed a few people like that, but I'd say it was less than 20 percent of the crowd. I wanted to tell the guy, "It's no more embarrassing than your unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and gold chain," but I figured I had pissed off my quota of people for one party.

A woman approached me and handed me a Jell-O shot. I said, "At a party with good food and wine, I feel weird having a Jell-O shot." She giggled, scooped hers out with her tongue, swallowed it in one gulp, and said, "I'll get us two more."

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