Josh Board

Board wrote feature stories for the Reader for most of the 2000s and covered the San Diego party scene with the weekly Crasher column.

Some of Board's notable stories include:

April 22, 2004 Skateboarding is not a crime (skateboarder accused of murder)

April 7, 2005 The Man Who Hung the Stars (Jerry Coleman's life in broadcast baseball)

Jan. 9, 2008 Soccer Moms Are the Absolute Worst

March 12, 2008 It's Not Really Ink (outsider's look at tattoos)

Feb. 25, 2009 How much can you say in 7 letters? (vanity license plates)

Articles by Josh Board

Mira Mesa – what there is to love

Casa Mira View, Caltrans plans, local deer, temperature, large cylinders on hill, most wretched part of San Diego

Mira Mesa braces for mega population growth The decades-old Vulcan mining operation on nearly 300 acres of Carroll Canyon will be a huge housing project if developers' lobbying efforts are successful. Bordered by Mira Mesa ...

Scripps Ranch – starter homes

Scripps Trail, bus service, nay-sayers, fight against WalMart, secret missile testing, view from Mira Mesa, USIU, a mooning incident

Good intentions behind paving of Scripps Trail Claudia Walker's family bought a home on the 10400 block of the street, a quiet, neatly manicured tract in Scripps Ranch near where the northeastern edge of the ...

Best of Crasher, 2005

Pee Wee Herman party, Reader writer threatened in Pacific Beach, Portuguese fishermen in Pt. Loma, New Year's Eve in Fletcher Hills, pig roast in Crown Point, dog luau in Rancho Bernardo

Pee Wee and Me "Julia" was always one of my favorite Beatles ballads. Now it would be one of my favorite party people. She called to invite me to her Pee Wee Herman party. I ...

Happy Holly Daze


I went to a huge Christmas party a couple of weeks ago at the University Heights home of Liz Abbott and Kent Johnson. They publish the San Diego Troubadour — a local paper that covers ...

Lofty, Bizarre


A woman named Cynthia was having a birthday party downtown. I was told we were supposed to bring something, so I bought cupcakes at the store. When I arrived downtown, I parked far away from ...

Ho-Ho-How About a Cookie?


I found out from a friend with a six-year-old son that one of his playmates has a mom who throws elaborate Christmas parties. I drove up to Kimberley’s condo in Peñasquitos, and from there we ...

Star Power


I was able to hit two parties recently because one involved a student film festival, and the kiddies don’t usually party into the late hours. The event, a fundraiser at Isabel’s Cantina in P.B., was ...

Amy Wallen Will Give You Crickets


As I drove by the Swedenborgian Church around the corner from my place in Normal Heights, I saw people entering for some event that included balloons and a huge cake. It was a safe assumption ...

Who You Callin' Chicken?


I headed to La Mesa for a 40th birthday party. The first thing I noticed was the cake in the backyard: it was shaped like a huge Patrón tequila bottle. A woman named Juana told ...