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Kevin Donaker, 42, Sorrento Valley

Favorite music: "Everything from classic rock, hip-hop, to power pop and modern stuff."

What I dislike: "Nothing I can think of."

Favorite thing: "The huge selection. They had obscure things and lots of current stuff. You could pretty much find anything you wanted there. Oftentimes I'd see something I didn't expect to buy and would walk out with a stack of CDs. Tower had a local band section, and sometimes our band [the Shambles] could be found in their bins."

Janna Smith, 25, Ocean Beach

Favorite music: "Pop and Top 40...everything but hard-core metal."

What I dislike: "It's easier to just burn CDs now or record them from friends. You can listen to an entire CD online. Usually I only buy CDs if I'm running through Target and I see something on sale that I wanted. I'm not the biggest music buyer. I only have a hundred CDs in my collection."

Favorite thing: "The displays of the certain CDs I'm interested in and being able to listen to them. Sometimes just looking at the artwork or pictures on the CD is enough. You can listen to the entire CD, but only if it's one of the ones they selected. That's why sometimes it's easier to do online."

Dolly Castillo, 40, Rancho Bernardo

Favorite music: "Jazz." (Purchased a Michael Franks CD and two DVDs.)

What I dislike: "I hate waiting for someone to attend to you. Sometimes I'm looking for a particular artist, and it's hard to find someone to help me find it."

Favorite thing: "The variety of music. And you could buy video games, movies, and even cool posters. I like the fact that they have older, '60s stuff. The prices are reasonable. Some of my friends order things online, but once you pay for shipping and handling, it's the same price or more. Not to mention the fact that it might be damaged in the mail or just not show up."

Bobby Fantasy, 31, Golden Hill

Favorite music: "Reggae."

What I dislike: "The prices are a little high."

Favorite thing: "The diversity of music. They have an amazing world music section. They have music from Africa, India, and non-Western countries. There are no other record stores in town that have a selection like Tower. I'll have to start buying stuff online."

Gene Padigos, 28, Paradise Hills

Favorite music: "Post-punk and rock." (Purchased a Morrissey DVD.)

What I dislike: "The prices. When they go out of business, I'll probably stick with going to M-Theory Records [in South Park]."

Favorite thing: "The accessibility and great selection."

Monica Cammarano, 43, Carmel Valley

Favorite music: "Alternative rock." (Purchased a Radiohead CD.)

What I dislike: "Nothing bad about Tower. I love this place."

Favorite thing: "That they would bring rock stars to the store. I remember years ago, when I was 17, Jon Anderson from Yes was there. The line wrapped around the building. He gave me a kiss on the cheek."

Mahsa Olamai, 14, Cardiff

Favorite music: "I like everything but country." ("And heavy metal," her mom adds.)

Favorite thing: "When you get it there, it's a hard copy. It's safe. If you buy it online and your computer crashes, it's gone forever. Buying it at a record store, it's really...


Least favorite: "Sometimes you go, and they don't have the CD. And just the fact that going there...if you're busy, it's easier online and not having my mom drive me."

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