Content for Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Born on the Bayou

>Mardi Gras is next Tuesday -- sad to miss the place they used to call "the City That Care Forgot." But if you want to celebrate by eating authentically and well, there's a new destination, ...

Go See Cal!

How old is Cal Worthington? I'm 65, and I remember watching him sell cars on TV ads when I was a kid. As seen on TV lately, he looks pretty good. Or has he been ...


Heymatt: Why does Rx mean prescription? -- Wendy, San Diego Rx is shorthand for recipe, the Latin imperative meaning, "Take it!" What passed for doctors in medieval times wrote Recipe at the top of a ...

Lost-pet Litigation

Hi, Matthew: Concerning those heart-wrenching lost dog or cat flyers distraught humans post advertising a reward for the returned pet: do they create a contract? If you were to find and return the beloved pet, ...

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