Content for Thursday, July 22, 2004

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Ralph Genovese's custom home construction on Del Dios Highway

Site 151’s four-million-dollar mansion

“That’s how America has been built: you start your own business when you know your trade well enough. But you’ve also got to know how to sell.

Whazzup? North

Matt: On a recent road trip I was navigating while my friend drove. At one point, I turned the map upside down, since we were going south and I was having trouble remembering to switch ...

The Presidio's Pentagram

Hi, Matt: As a punk rock kid, up to absolutely no good, I used to hang out in the parking lot of Presidio Park and drink cheap beer. Well, in the parking lot across from ...

The why of fingerprints

Heymatt: What's up with fingerprints? Why do we have them? Other than using them to catch crooks, what good are they? -- Knight Life, San Diego You should be grateful every time you pick up ...

Sex and cash

San Diego State University is known the world over as one of America's biggest party schools. The academic playland has made the list of Playboy's ten most sexually active campuses twice over the past decade. ...

Bad News for Sizzling San Diego

It's not a question of if there is a real estate bubble. It's a question of whether it bursts or slowly leaks air. It may expand for more than a year, if interest rates only ...

Enjoy salt-laden breezes and abundant bird life along the shore of Batiquitos Lagoon.

Just beyond the placid north shore of North County's Batiquitos Lagoon, white flecks of shell glint in the sunlight where the land begins to rise. Prior to around two centuries ago, and back as far ...

Matthew Lyons and Kristina McDonald

In love with a Marine’s 17-year-old girl

“He told me that he had a thing for Japanese girls. I grew up in Okinawa and moved here when I was 11. I told him, ‘I’m only half Japanese, so it wouldn’t work out.’”