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What Makes Larry Smarr Worth $244,000?

Taxpayers subsidize a wealthy genius.

By almost any measure, UCSD's Larry Smarr is a superstar of science and technology. Hardly a week goes by, the record shows, when the onetime astrophysicist-turned-Internet-guru isn't out jetting around the country, speaking before trade ...

Another mocked wedding

Married but...

I was stoked because I like the Dragons. And when I started writing this "Crasher" column, the first party I went to made me miss Lucy's Fur Coat and Marshall Crenshaw playing at the Casbah.

Geronimo! Splat!

Dear Matthew: The other day my wife was recounting her childhood story of how she leaped from the garage roof with her self-made parachute. She survived the crash landing but not without getting "the wind ...

Happy 420, everybody!

Heymatt: Where does the term 420 come from? Does it refer to a term used by California state patrol to signal pot smoking in progress? Also the term marijuana-- I know it's a girls name, ...

The myth of the white chocolate bean

Dear M.A.: What�s the deal with white chocolate? Chocolate gets its brown color from the cocoa bean. Are there white cocoa beans? -- Garret from San Diego but living in Mexico Ya know how places ...

Discover "The Slot" and colorful Hawk Canyon at Borrego Mountain in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Amid the windswept wastelands of the Anza-Borrego Desert, Borrego Mountain's twin buttes (the East and West buttes) rise with low and broad profiles. From a distance they may look unremarkable, but at close range they ...

We Have Mortgaged Our Future

Michelangelo, no. Mundane, yes. Although there is no money in the till, most San Diego politicians still talk about prodigious projects as if they were a painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, rather ...

Goodbye, Pines

2002 Pines fire destroyed 300-year-old sugar pines in Cuyamacas

Wait six months. That's the message native vegetation experts seek to convey to backcountry landowners itching to replant and reseed the scorched shrubs and wildflowers and cut down the blackened trees on their properties. "That ...

Twice burned, never shy

San Diego's District Three city councilwoman Toni Atkins, who's up for reelection this year, has been picking up some interesting campaign money from out-of-town contributors. Particularly noteworthy: a series of at least nine $100 checks ...

No Man Is Lonely While Eating Spaghetti

Amici Park's secret life

My exposure to and subsequent interest in Amici Park was a by-product of waiting inordinate lengths of time for the #16. I began to refer to it as “the bus that never comes.”

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