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DW: There wasn't anybody else with me.

PR: There was somebody else with you. Otherwise you don't say, "we."

DW: I didn't say...if I, if I said, "we"....

PR: You said, "we," 'cause I can play the tape back and show you...

DW: That's fine.

PR: ...where you said, "we."

DW: If...I said that...and I'm not gonna say I didn't say it, it's one of those mix-ups I use in my head.

PR: Freudian slip is what we call it.

DW: Well, no, it's just that it...sounds like a lie, but it's not.

PR: David, things happen. We don't know why things happen.... I don't think you went out trying to hurt this little girl at all. But something went wrong and you gotta help. We gotta help this family. You can't let this go.

DW: But, but she...you, you as a professional, and I'm a professional, I would tell you about stuff, ah, in my area of expertise. As of right now, you think I'm guilty of something?

PR: I think you are somehow connected with the disappearance of Danielle van Dam.

DW: Okay, well, I'm more than willing to take the test over again....

PR: Why...do you think you had trouble with my questions?

DW: Um, I have no clue.

PR: Okay.

DW: You say that the parents passed, and they had, you know, when you mentioned the word "Danielle" to them, they didn't get...a spike like I did.

PR: Not even close, not even close.

DW: Okay, up until today I didn't know her name.

PR: But you knew who we were talking about, so...

DW: So physically why would I have a response that way? Even...more on those two questions, why would I have a response like that?....

PR: But one of the disturbing calls that we have about David is David and the campground at the Strand.

DW: What about the campground at the Strand?

PR: Ah, there was a call that you were seen with a little girl.

DW: Somebody is lying to you, because there was nobody there with me.

PR: Is that because you had already gotten rid of her?

DW: No, I'm saying that there was nothing there to see. There was just me. I watched a little TV, I sat out front, I was putzing around, I ate lunch.

PR: David, have you ever heard the old story, the old saying of when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging?

DW: Yeah.

PR: It just gets deeper and deeper.

DW: Yeah.

PR: You're in a hole right now.

DW: Well, I...and this test put me there.

PR: No, that test didn't put you there, you put you there... We gave you four tests.

DW: And I failed on those questions all four times?

PR: All four times.

DW: Well, that's not good.

PR: No, it's not good.

DW: And I don't know how to explain it....

PR: There's got to be an explanation. If we were to open the door right now, and there was a German shepherd dog there with his teeth showing and growling and snapping at you....

DW: Right.

PR: ...your blood pressure's going to go up a little bit, isn't it?

DW: Right....

PR: Same thing happens here. If I ask you a question that's threatening to you, which is basically the same thing -- the dog snarling and barking at you, or the question being a threat to you because it's a threat to your well-being....

DW: And I don't know why I'm failing the test.

PR: Um hum.

DW: Okay. Honestly, I don't know why I'm failing the test. But I would tell you that I need to stop. Is it my right or isn't it my....?

PR: Of course it's your right, when I can stop....[do you want to] talk to a lawyer? Did you like talking to Moe and....?

DW: Well, they're policemen. They're on your side. I need somebody on my side. You're telling me to talk to someone else who's on your side. And I need to find out if...what you're telling me, that no one ever, no one has ever had that kind of a jump on a question and failed the test and was...later proven innocent. And I'm telling you that I know I'm innocent and that the test is flawed in some way.... But what I'm looking at is that I'm walking out the door, and you're going to know that I failed this test, because we're not working to get David...to the point where David passes the test .... That's not your goal.

PR: No, I can't resolve what's going on here....

DW: Try to find out what's going on here, right?

PR: ...what caused that reaction....

DW: I would tell you that the only thing that I was concerned about was the fact that the little girl was missing.

PR: Okay.

DW: And that, believe me, that means a lot to me. I have a daughter...but I can't believe that you asked these same kinds of questions to the mother and father and they didn't jump up and down at all.

PR: Believe me.

DW: Okay.

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