Content for Thursday, January 2, 2003

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Four-five glasses of Chardonnay in Point Loma and – a DUI

SDSU English professor Fred Moramarco tells his story

I’m at a party in Point Loma celebrating the successful conclusion of a literary event that took a great deal of time and effort to put together. Everyone involved is letting go after months of ...

“Mah” means flax plant, "jongg" means sparrow

Not an old ladies' game

“I knew that playing mahj would be a great way to meet new people… They’re catching on and getting faster,” she says of her students. “But it’s not easy: one gal used to come with a bottle of aspirin.”

Survey the Santa Monica Mountains from an old Nike missile site atop San Vicente Mountain.

Perched above the San Fernando Valley on one of the more prominent bumps of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Cold War-era Nike missile site at San Vicente Mountain has become a destination for hikers, mountain ...

Family money

Lawyer Lisa Foster, wife of controversial San Diego Unified School District chief Alan Bersin, didn't give any money to the campaign of Governor Gray Davis, who just appointed her a Superior Court judge, but her ...

Once You're Wet, You're Done

Two border patrol teams - Borstar and Fast - rescue frozen immigrants.

One night in 1999, eight illegal immigrants died during a spring snowstorm in the mountains of San Diego County. Such alarming statistics spurred the Border Patrol to expand its mission to form two teams to ...

Would you please read me the riot act?

Dear Matthew Alice: My wife has threatened on several occasions to read me the riot act, but she can't seem to find a copy of it. If she could find a copy of it, what ...