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Meet the Man Who Planned The Point Loma Murder

This cover story has not yet been posted. However, you can download the digital edition to view any story from this issue.

Rebecca started stealing all my skinny clothes

She wears things that I love

A slow migration has begun in my house. About six months ago, my oldest daughter, Rebecca, started borrowing my clothes. Rebecca has borrowed my clothes before. To play dress-up. Over the years, dresses and suits ...

Maybe When the Fedayeen Have a Gun to Your Baby's Head

The first rule of counterguerrilla warfare is never set a pattern. This is so because the guerrillas are always watching for a weak point to hit. You can go anyplace and do anything two days ...

Developers Eye Sleepy Descanso

"We're fighters out here."

It's only 35 or 40 minutes from downtown San Diego to the junction of Interstate 8 and State Route 79. And just a couple of minutes north of there lies the rural town of Descanso. ...

Military board complex

When Richard Perle decided to step down last week as chairman of the Pentagon's influential Defense Policy Advisory Board, the move drew fresh attention to the shadowy organization. It turns out that two members of ...

Stroll along a silvery brook at Oak Canyon in Mission Trails Regional Park.

Oak Canyon, tucked into a relatively pristine corner of Mission Trails Regional Park just west of Santee, has come alive with a thin stream of gurgling water, owing to the recent decent (if not quite ...

Is there an old-fashioned photo booth in town?

Hi Matt: There used to be a picture booth in the arcade inside Mission Valley mall-- one of the good, old-fashioned ones that printed a vertical column of four successive shots. My little sister and ...

I love you, you love me.... I love you, you love me.... I love you, you love me...." Earworms!

Dear Matt: What's the deal with this knack we humans have for hearing a song, especially a really annoying one, and then going around with it playing in our heads all day? And why does ...

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