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Robbie Ellison, 19, would not fight for Israel. "It's because of my present situation. I'm a college student, and I have other ambitions. I don't exactly agree with everything that's going on there -- all of Sharon's decisions."

On Mother's Day, Mothers Against Terrorism sponsored a pro-Israel rally at De Anza Cove in Mission Bay. Most of the young people there were decisive in their commitment to Israel.

Levi Eckhaus, 19, is willing to fight "if Israel were in danger of losing its existence. I don't think it's that bad yet."

Michael Attelson, 20, is willing to fight for Israel because he sees it as a family affair. "We have to support our brethren living in the Holy Land and do everything we can to help them out. If I were to be called up, I would definitely take arms and fight the war against terrorism."

Shefa Orah Giudica, 35, would fight for Israel if she were permitted. "I'm an Orthodox woman, so it wouldn't really be for me to go fight, but I would help Israel every way I could. It's something I would do. I love Israel -- with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength. I was there in May 1999 for two weeks, and, God willing, I will be back there to live someday. That's my hope and focus, according to God's plan."

"Yeah, I'd fight!" Rebecca Rothstein, 34, says with no hesitation. "The way I would fight for America against terrorism is the way I would fight for Israel. Terrorism has to be stopped, and Israel is a democracy like the United States. I would want to defend those basic human rights of justice and liberty that are now at stake."

Ariel Rabin, 18, is almost ready to sign up. "It's essential that we maintain ties with Israel and they keep on prospering to make sure that our welfare, of the United States, is secure. They are our only democratic ally in the Middle East, and it's imperative that we keep them strong."

Allen Rabinovich, 25, supports Israel because it's the Jewish homeland. "I'm Jewish, and I feel like I'm part of that country. They're fighting for the same thing we're fighting for right now in Afghanistan. I would fight for Israel for their welfare and because of my personal connection."

Leah Moryoses, 32, holds her eight-month-old son -- the only reason she wouldn't fight at the moment, but she is willing to send her husband, Moti. "I'd send him because Israel needs to be a country forever, and it needs to be as big as it originally was, and we need to have the Jews able to control their own country."

Her husband, Moti Moryoses, 36, was born and raised in Israel. "I've served for three years in the Israeli army already. It's my country. My family is there, and when somebody comes to kill you, you have to kill them. You don't wait for them to kill you."

John Canton, 34, would be willing to fight for Israel if he saw the right signs for it. "If it's the calling that God put in my heart, then I would -- just like I would for our own nation. If God instructed me to do it, I would. He reveals things in many ways, but basically, it's in the desires of your heart. It's an overwhelming feeling, a thing that would come to me communicatively. It's not an issue that has come up yet. I think the way to fight right now is to stand up for Israel and be supportive and loving, just like we would for our own country."

While not quite old enough yet at 17, Gabriel Bajst would not hesitate to fight for Israel. "I have a moral and religious obligation to defend my land, the land that God gave me."

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