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An Indian Chief Envisions the Mother of All Warpaths

But Cahuilla Juan Antonio turns over Cupeno rebel Garra to white man

On November 25, the Los Angeles County judge, Augustin Olvera, advised Juan Antonio to contact Garra about the uprising. “If Garra could explain his grievances,” Olvera wrote, “the problem could be settled without further violence.”

San Diego an ideal place for Italians to garden like the old country

Hands in the dirt and Heaven in the mouth

There’s a reason why Italian cooking is one of the world’s great cuisines, and it doesn’t have much to do with four-star chefs, innovative cooking techniques, or secret ingredients. The reason can be summed up ...

Who's the lady buried under the San Diego Freeway?

Dear Matthew Alice: In Rex Reed's People Are Crazy Here, in the chapter on Alfred Hitchcock he writes, "His favorite people in history are Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, and a man who murdered his ...

Corky's Game

Corky McMillan has his way with the NTC

McNab told me recently that he refuses to quit his crusade against the McMillin plan. “There are bodies buried everywhere when it comes to this deal, and we’re out there with shovels and we’ll keep digging.”

We Did Not Want a Monstrosity

Jamul Indians dream big dreams for six acres

"The tribe’s constitution in Jamul requires that to be a member, you had to have half-blood or more as far as the degree of Indian blood. The problem is that [some new members] are quarters, sixteenths, sixty-fourths."

A cancer on the market

These days it's called Rebecca and John Moores UCSD Cancer Center, in honor of a $20 million pledge that Padres owner and UC regent Moores made at the height of his power and influence in ...

Appreciate a cross-section of San Diego’s diverse ethnic population

Discover East San Diego's Chollas Lake, a shady place for summer walking and jogging.

Right off the 94 Freeway in San Diego's Oak Park neighborhood, a dense grove of eucalyptus trees conceals one of the more pleasant oases of the inner city: Chollas Lake Park. On any warm, summer ...

Let’s Be Friends

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