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Their Hair Was Huge, Their Speech Was Loud, and Their Message Was Simple: Revolution Now!

Where are San Diego's black activists now?

Members of the United Domestic Workers have packed the main chamber and spilled into rooms across the hall and upstairs. When the vote is taken, Fahari Jeffers and Ken Seaton-Msemaji are seated in the paneled main chambers.

Food Swings

While allergists are showing alarm at the increasing problem of mold, one physician believes the problem has been entirely overblown. Barnet Meltzer has been practicing holistic medicine in Del Mar since 1972. An author of ...

He Said He Wanted to Kill Her

To convict a man of murder, jurors need only be certain of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. One thing, however, is usually metaphysically certain; that the victim is dead. Yet on August 29, 2001, ...

Murphy's law

San Diego mayor Dick Murphy's "blue ribbon committee on city finances," promised in last year's state-of-the-city speech and appointed last April, has reached its final conclusions and is ready to report to the mayor, says ...

Who says whether a city is served by the police or the sheriff?

Happy New Year, Matt: Who or what determines whether a city is protected and served by police or by sheriffs? -- Ann Marie Murphy, the net See, the sheriff's department has this dandy crime-fighting package ...

Eeuuuuw -- what are these things on my skin?

M.A. of Reader: I was looking at a mole on my arm recently and began to wonder what they are and what causes them. -- L.B. of Poway Hey, Matt: What's behind the phenomenon of ...

Why does my little street have such a big block number?

Wizard of Alice: I live at 10123 Viennarose Avenue. Why don't I live at #1 Viennarose Avenue? Why do I have to be #10123? There probably aren't 10,123 homes in all of San Diego, let ...

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve near Escondido offers 10 miles of multi-use trails, with more to come.

The 750 acres of open space at Escondido's Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve were opened to the public in December 1992 as a cooperative effort between the Olivenhain Municipal Water District and the U.S. Bureau of ...

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