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We didn't have a street address in Pine Valley

Rain and wind and long ago

I took my children on a trip to my past. Friday after Thanksgiving, I herded Rebecca, Angela, Johnny, and Ben into our van. Lucy, who had awakened with a fever, stayed at home with my ...

Will Bob McElroy's Alpha Project solve San Diego's homelessness?

What you do when you're done being a playboy

Bob McElroy, head of the Alpha Project, and Martin Luther King III were walking slowly along the sidewalk as McElroy was telling King about homelessness in San Diego and the problems of alcohol and narcotics ...

You Can't Build Away Congestion

All the Temecula people hit Escondido, and traffic comes to a screeching halt.

The 805 coming north out of the South Bay is known as one of the most congested areas on San Diego County's freeways in the morning, but it is hardly the worst.

We Used to Arrest Such Nice People

Eighty thousand cars a day pass through the immigration checkpoint at the south end of Temecula. And that means about 80,000 times a day a question gets asked: Why is this here, 70 miles north ...

Tijuana Flowers Face Extinction

There were 90 of us in 1972, now there are 10.

Just north of Third Street, on the east side of Avenida Revolución, florista Esperanza Cervantes and her husband José Arias sit in metal folding chairs. Their backs are to the street. Across the street, American ...

Kehoe's plea

Less than a month after her re-election to the state assembly, Democrat Christine Kehoe has taken aim at the next rung of the political ladder, getting the jump on probable rival and ex-assembly Democratic colleague ...

Check out the shore birds at Orange County's Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Long ago, extensive saltwater and freshwater marshes lined Orange County's coast between Seal Beach and Newport Beach. The sandy beaches along that coast remain, but most of the wetlands succumbed to the 20th-century tide of ...

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