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Dad's, now Poway’s famous bar, undergoes media scrutiny

Like a larger version of Saska’s in Mission Beach, without the salt air

“It has nothing to do with someone being a swinger. I’m a polygamist. Anyone’s beliefs have nothing to do with how well you protect your children or how well you protect your wife or husband."

San Diego remembers the deluge

Early history of Pacific Beach

Travelers from San Diego to Los Angeles had to drive west around Mt. Soledad, through Pacific Beach and La Jolla. On December 13, 1930, the Rose Canyon Highway opened: a five-mile shortcut on the east slope of Soledad.

I Crawled Inside Brenda van Dam's Head and Tried to Guess What Went on in There

Damon’s home with the kids. They’re all three tucked in, Dylan and Derrick and pretty little Danielle.

On the Friday night when Brenda van Dam was here at Dad’s, what would it have been like for her? Maybe the bouncers knew her, maybe she didn’t have to pay three bucks to get in.

Can I be buried with my implants?

Heymatt: So all my friends were wondering, when a woman with breast implants dies, do they remove them or bury them with her? -- Ashley, the net The elves have had a great time speculating ...

What's that other setting on a stapler for?

Dear M.A.: Why do staplers have two settings on the base plate for the direction in which the staple bends? Everyone (I know of) uses the settings that bends the staple inward. What is the ...

A world full of nothing: It makes more sense than a world full of something.

So, Matt: Why is there stuff in the universe? Why is there anything instead of nothing? If there used to be nothing, it makes more sense that there would still be nothing. Can you help? ...

Why do ventriloquists' dummies all look alike? And so dorky!

Why do ventriloquists' dummies all look alike? And why do they look so goofy? -- No Dummy, North Park Ventriloquists' dummies look like Alfred E. Newman on day three of an amphetamine jag. Enormous heads; ...

Infamous Boston pedophile Paul Shanley ends up in San Diego

And so does one of his early recruits

Father Paul Shanley, the Roman Catholic priest who lived in San Diego from 1997 until his arrest in May of this year at his Hillcrest apartment, is currently awaiting trial in a Boston jail on ...

Julian Waits for Disaster

Who gets the water in a drought?

"The last time that much rain fell was the year of El Niño, July 1997 to June 1998, when 53.07 inches fell on the mountain town. The next three years were below average.

Sausage in the making

A bill by San Diego assemblywoman Christine Kehoe to allow the San Diego Unified School District and the city to tear down hundreds of houses in City Heights is facing tougher than expected sledding in ...

Hike, bike, or skate Lake Miramar's paved perimeter path -- but not across the dam itself.

Not all San Diegans flock to the beaches on sunny summer days. Some gravitate toward inland recreational spots like Lake Miramar, which offers a spacious venue for pursuits such as walking, jogging, biking, and in-line ...