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He Turns out Hometown Heroes

When Ken Kuhlken’s not writing, he gets angry.

“She told me stories that revolved around Point Loma Nazarene University. Eric’s mother’s mother first met Paramhansa Yogananda. Eric’s mom also met him, and she said he was the sexiest man who ever lived."

A plea for I Love You Day

Dear Matthew Alice: Do you know of any movement afoot to get January 4, 2003 designated "National I Love You Day" (1/4/3 = 143 = "I love you"-- get it?) How would one go about ...

Why do birds move that way?

Dear Matt I was staring out the window the other day at a bunch of birds. Most of the birds were walking around, but a couple of them were hopping. Does this mean something? -- ...

A booger by any other name...

Matt: Is there a socially correct or at least a medical term for, uhmm, nose goblins? Sinus boulders? You know. Boogers? We all know the correct terms for most of our body parts, pieces, and ...

Why no broccoli in a can?

Hey Matt: I was just doing my own thing when my phone rang this morning. It's my sister with another stupid question. Why is there no canned broccoli? I searched your archives for this but ...

Waking up with a jerk

Hey, Matt: Why is it that when I'm just beginning to drift off at night and fall asleep, suddenly, BOOM, in my dream I trip or fall or get hit by a bus, causing my ...

Fart Kills Man! Film at 11!

Matthew Alice: This showed up in our company email. "A terrible diet and a room with no ventilation are blamed for the death of a man who was killed by his own gas.... His diet ...

Poodles Aren't Dogs

Don't try to paint a poodle's toenails

"Once someone wanted her dog green for St. Patrick’s Day, and I did it. We used to get a lot of people who asked for toenail painting, but lately the styles have changed away from that."

Ballot Box Blues

The day after the November 5 election finds some San Diegans sad, others elated, and many just indifferent. At the time these interviews took place, the race between Bonnie Dumanis and Paul Pfingst was still ...

Ink by the barrel

Once again, the first Tuesday of November turned out to be a dismal day for the Union-Tribune's high-profile editorial endorsements. The paper's choice for district attorney, Paul Pfingst, was beaten in an upset by Judge ...

Pat Conroy, My Losing Season

From the author of The Great Santini and Prince of Tides

"My mother read to us every night of my childhood. My becoming a writer in part was because of that. You should have seen how my mother would become rapturous when she read a book she loved."

Hike through the narrow cleft of Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley's spaciousness is a big part of its appeal, but there's something here for claustrophobic individuals as well. In a few places, infrequent but powerful flash floods have carved narrow, sinuous channels into the ...

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