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When Dick Nixon came to San Diego

Why did Nixon biographer Anthony Summers need C. Arnholt Smith?

Pat now even talked of divorce. “I think she would have divorced him,” Smith went on, “if he had not agreed to stay out of politics. But Nixon wanted to go on, and without her it wouldn’t work. "

The Bookseller Who Came in From the Cold

The inimitable D.G. Wills of La Jolla

"There’s hardly anything you can think about that somebody hasn’t written a book on. They often come out of dissertation topics: books on The Diseases of Mites or The Mammalian Ear, from Cornell University Press, which we have."

When There's Trouble in the World

'In late 1985, we fled Kabul and crossed from Afghanistan into Pakistan in the dead of winter. We walked ten days and nine nights. There were about 60 people in all. Friends, neighbors. Eight members ...

Death, taxes, and the Union-Tribune

How trustworthy are the editorials of the San Diego Union-Tribune? In at least one case, according to the Columbia Journalism Review, not very. A lengthy expos� headlined "Media Money" in this month's edition of the ...

Complicated Life

Shannon Stewart is a typical Southern California beach girl. At 28, she is blond and tanned. She speaks in “Valley Girl” tones. She smiles a lot, and when she does, her brown eyes sparkle. She ...

Can you explain the stamp of the baseball player in the "Celebrate the Century" series?

Dear Matthew Alice: In a set of postage stamps in the "Celebrate the Century" series, there's a stamp bearing an illustration of a baseball player representing the first World Series in 1903. He appears to ...

What does the #4011 stand for on banana stickers?

Matt: So I eat bananas pretty frequently, and for some reason I kept a couple of those little round stickers they put on bananas in every bunch. They are from separate banana purchases, from separate ...

Enjoy a telescopic panorama from the 11,000-foot summit of Telescope Peak in Death Valley National Park.

Telescope Peak, the highest peak on the Panamint Range overlooking Death Valley from the west, was christened in the late 18th Century by an explorer who thought the view from the top was so far-reaching ...