Content for Thursday, March 9, 2000

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Tijuana architecture: from Aztec to high tech

Mexican border-town look was equated with neglect and decay

Any city worth being a city has a historical patrimony, one its residents can see and touch. — Luis Tamés More than 1000 miles separate the heartland of Mexico from its northern border with the ...

Explore Swiss-cheese rock at Mojave National Preserve's Hole-in-the-Wall recreation site.

East Mojave National Preserve, a vast, empty sprawl of desert sand, alkali flats, cinder cones, and skeletal mountains, lies wedged between Interstates 15 and 40 east of Barstow, south of Baker, and west of the ...

Swiss-Cheese Desert

Our Fill-in-the-Blanks State Park

Lichens that grow in the desert are one of his recent photo subjects. They’re not a life form readily associated with badlands. But Smith has found them “in the shaded areas, often unnoticed.”

Doors to open, doors to close

Reactions to Tijuana's growing violence

How much does the world care that 80 people have been murdered in Tijuana in the last two months? Not much, except when one is Tijuana's police chief, says Victor Clark Alfaro, director of Tijuana's ...

Fishy Delivery

Dead catfish comes to Reader office with Padres owner John Moores' business card

The catfish was dropped off at the Reader's front desk. Two business cards, one imprinted with "Larry Lucchino" and the other with "John Moores" came in the package. The FBI was contacted, and they took a report.

Barbie vs. Luce, Forward

San Diego's Luce, Forward, Hamilton and Scripps, the venerable downtown law firm, is being sued for slander and libel in a Los Angeles court by none other than Mattel, Inc., the maker of Barbie dolls. ...

How many spiders do you eat at night when you are sleeping?

Hey, Matt: About a year ago on the radio there was a call-in trivia question that went something like this. "Every year, the average person eats four of these in their sleep." The answer was ...

Who are the Gideons?

Dear Matt: Who are the Gideons? Are they a cult? How do they get the Bibles into the hotel rooms without anyone seeing them? Are they ninjas or something? Should I be scared of them ...