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San Diego Earthquake Danger Zones

Mission Bay and San Diego Bay, western Mission Valley, Otay Valley, Mt. Soledad area - to name a few

“All river valleys are suspect,” she says — Mission Valley, the Sweetwater River Valley, the Otay River Valley, the Tijuana River Valley. “If you are in the Mission Valley area, have a high potential for liquefaction.”

Cycle-tour the back roads of Guajome and Morro Hills, north and east of Oceanside.

Bicycle riding in the hills north of Oceanside is like touring the roof of North County -- at least on a clear day. Views stretch east to the Palomar Mountains, west to the ocean, and ...

Old Skin

Baby puke decorates clothes.

When I drove for the Red Cross it was my job to pick people up at their homes and drive them to their doctors’ appointments or to restaurants or grocery stores. Convalescent groups were more ...

No Drive-Through in My Driveway

The Colonel ruffles feathers in Golden Hill

"25th and Broadway is the heart of Golden Hill. Putting a drive-through there changes the character of the neighborhood. It just brings in extra traffic. It encourages people to idle in their cars.”

Danger at Quick-Death Canyon

The Lariat is on the verge of sliding. You can feel it. Celso Rodríguez grinds to a halt. He gingerly eases the Ford truck back down the hill. At the bottom he gets out and ...

Leap of Faith

San Diego Superior Court Judge Judith McConnell has had her hands full lately, what with trying to decide the fate of all the lawsuits and motions that have piled up in the matter of John ...

A Lesson For Us All

This morning’s news flash states that bridge will be a demonstration sport at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Those pointy-headed Olympic bureaucrats obviously don’t understand that tournament bridge is a contact competition. ...

Do you get more wet by walking or running in the rain?

Hey, Matt: This has been a puzzle to me for a long time. Since it has been raining lately, I'd appreciate your help. How do you stay drier, by walking through the rain so the ...

What is the 80/20 theory?

Mattman: I find the 80/20 rule to be very useful and applicable to many situations I run into. A friend once told me who came up with this concept and the name of the book ...

Could you tell me why, since "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die," I'm stuck in Folsom prison, in California?

Dear Matthew Alice: Could you tell me why, since "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die," I'm stuck in Folsom prison, in California? -- J. Cash, San Diego The true episode ...

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