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Rancho Peñasquitos boys, 14 to 17, charged with hate crime against Mexican nursery workers

Proposition 21 reaches into McGonigle Canyon

Last March California voters approved Proposition 21, the anti-juvenile crime initiative, by a gang-busting 62 percent. San Diegans passed the measure by a full two-thirds. To date it’s been a galvanizing nine months for local ...

Sam Sifton's Field Guide to the Yettie

A product of comic sociology

“Going from New York Press to Talk was a bit like going from the St. Ann’s School to the Collegiate School. At New York Press you could pretty much wear whatever you want.

Escape from Iraq

It's difficult to get away from Saddam Hussein

"There weren't so many big strong guys in Iraq, and so Saddam Hussein's security service was looking for strong guys to work as his bodyguards. You looked big. You looked frightening, like you might kill some people"

San Diego Is No Place for Cows

Say goodbye to one of the county's last dairy farms

"San Diego County is not the place. It's never been very conducive to dairies, and they won't allow new dairies. The last new dairy that was built in San Diego County was in 1971."

Four more years

Controversial city-schools administrator Anthony Alvarado is in line for a lucrative new contract, according to sources at the San Diego Unified School District. Alvarado, the ex?New Yorker and right-hand man to Superintendent Alan Bersin, is ...

Why do ATM's ask if there is cash or check in the envelope?

MA: I was getting a deposit ready for my bank and noticed the "check this box if cash is in the envelope" section. I never do because I am afraid some dishonest teller might be ...

Why do you get a blurry picture when you swing a movie camera around fast?

Dear Mr. Alice: Do you know when you swing a movie camera around fast, you get a blurry picture? I wonder why when I move my head around fast I don't see the same thing. ...

Origin of the slang term "86"

Hi: I just read your current issue while visiting San Diego, and there were some comments regarding the origin of the slang term "86," meaning to discard or get rid of something. I didn't see ...

Freaks, Uppity Women, and Politicos: An Ocean Beach Reunion

Hippies grow up - or at least older

We walk past 5155 Muir, which is about to be torn down. The house still has one of the 9 millimeter bullet holes from a January 6,1972, attack by the right-wing Secret Army Organization.

Early birds catch the winter solstice sunrise atop Viejas Mountain near Alpine.

Standing apart from nearby peaks, Viejas Mountain can be seen from many parts of metropolitan San Diego as a dusky, obtusely triangular feature along the eastern horizon. A faint, partially overgrown trail up the west ...

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