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Am I the First Human Ever to Pay Attention to That One Star?

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How to Rate the Ratings

Labor Day Monday, the last day of the unofficial "Summer of Raunch," Megan Reina, a 10th grader at Montgomery High School in the South Bay, saw The Blair Witch Project with 11th grader Susan MacKnight ...

The Drug Dealer and the Real Estate Men

Mike Ellis and Mike Blevins, Metabolife partners

"Mike's father and mother took me in and fed and clothed and sheltered me when I was 16," Blevins wrote. “They provided me with the only family environment I have ever known in my life.”


Ex-city councilman Mike Schaefer is off and running again. The convicted wife-beater who was once sent to jail in Los Angeles for being a slumlord has traversed the country over the past decade, campaigning for ...

Climb the back side of Palomar Mountain, from foot to head, by way of the Oak Grove Trail.

How's this for a challenging climb of Palomar Mountain from bottom to top? Start at Oak Grove, along the east base of the mountain, and climb steadily up 7 miles of foot trail and fire ...

Where does the Spanish Trail end in San Diego?

Matmail: I was in St. Augustine, Florida, and saw a cement sphere designated as the start of the Old Spanish Trail. It also said that the trail ended in San Diego. Do you know where ...

When San Diego sewer lines break, how do they know how much was discharged?

To: Matmail: When San Diego sewer lines break and spew their contents into the bay or ocean, how do they always know how much got discharged? Are there meters on all these pipes just in ...

Was there a First and Second Reich?

Dear Matthew Alice: Everyone knows about Hitler and the Third Reich. Was there a First Reich and a Second Reich? And what's a Reich anyway? -- Steve, the net Reichs, rails, gears, bases, rock from ...

Do Eskimos' have 20 or more words for snow?

Matthew: The question about Eskimos' surroundings [September 9] being always the same brought from dim memory something pertinent. Years ago I read in several places that Eskimos have 20 or more words for snow, slight ...

What happened to the small white deer in San Diego?

Matmail: What do you know about a fabled white deer that used to hang out in Balboa Park? -- Rick, the net I guess the white deer must be achieving fable status, because the details ...

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