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The sun is hot. The sun is yellow. The sun is in the sky.

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Brother Warriors Take Wing

Author takes risk on WWII biplane

"I’m going to teach you two maneuvers that were used by Eddie Richenbacher and the Red Baron in World War I and are still used today in F-18s. They’re called high and low yo-yos."

Downtown's Slow, Toxic Burn

As a biology student at the University of Colorado, Ken Rowland imagined becoming the next Jacques Cousteau, but a bout of seasickness on the way to Santa Catalina Island moored his career to land. Rowland ...

From Manhattan with Love

San Diego city councilwoman Christine Kehoe, who just missed knocking off Congressman Brian Bilbray last year, is off to a big fundraising lead in next year's race for the 76th District state assembly seat. As ...

Explore a geologic hodgepodge and an intriguing slot ravine at Anza-Borrego's Canyon Sin Nombre.

As daytime high temperatures in the desert sink from the 100s into the 90s during September, it becomes rationally conceivable to plan an overnight trip into Anza-Borrego's intriguing badlands. In fact, if you arrive in ...

Where did Ungawa come from?

Dear Matman: A few weeks back, a friend of my sons' came into my back yard, and when my black lab came up, he said, "Ungawa!" à la Tarzan. My dog sat. Does this really ...

What was the whirl tower used for?

Matt the Mystery Man: In Imperial County, not too far from NAS El Centro, is a "whirl tower" rising above the fields and dust. This tower has become a ghost of its former self over ...

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