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Cristina's Kitchen

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Visit the new Simon Park open-space preserve outside Ramona

Difficulty and disaster

Simon Park Preserve, a diminutive new patch of dedicated open space, has recently opened adjacent to San Diego Country Estates near Ramona. The preserve, which is maintained for wildlife habitat and light recreation by the ...

The house on Crown Point

Back to where my grandparents lived

Almost every Thanksgiving, we drove to my grandparents. I remember the excitement as we neared Crown Point, the great arc and half-arc of the old two-lane bridges that carried Ingraham Street over Mission Bay.

Why do pawn shops have a three cherry logo?

Yo, Matt: Why do pawn shops have a logo like three cherries? What's the story behind them? And what ailment is Walt Disney waiting for a cure for while frozen? Do you age during your ...

Why do cats like fish and why hasn't a cat food manufacturer tried rodent based food?

Dear Matthew Alice: I've seen house cats kill and eat birds, so it makes sense that they like cat food made from poultry. I also know cats hunt and consume lots of rodents, but I've ...

Comedian in the Mist

Author David Sedaris visits San Diego primates.

Sedaris was smoking a Kool near the entrance to the La Jolla Marriott when I explained that the zoo was probably touchy because the feds had recently nailed the zoo's reptile curator for dealing snakes on the side.

Ode to Highway 54

It's a noisy world

When you and your husband first bought this old clapboard house on the north side of Chula Vista it was incredibly quiet at night. Crickets and frogs. But since then, Highway 805 was built, then 54.

Mapes Meets His Match

Maybe it's a perverse kind of destiny, but there's just no way around it: the demise of the historic Mapes Hotel in Reno, Nevada, seems inextricably linked to San Diego. Way back on December 17, ...

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