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Smashed Heritage

Baseball versus history

When leaders of the National Trust for Historic Preservation met in San Diego in March, they were heartened by the city’s efforts to revitalize North Pork via the trust’s Main Street Center program. They also ...

Explore the riparian woodland of San Clemente Canyon (Marian Bear Park) in Clairemont.

Eastbound in the right lane of Highway 52, the San Clemente Canyon Freeway, you can look down upon a long, slender, almost unbroken swath of natural vegetation: massive sycamores, stately live oaks, climbing vines, and ...

La Cosa Nostra Condo

It was March 10, 1998. A Tuesday. Early afternoon. Jim Schield and some colleagues pulled up quietly outside a block of condos in the tongue of land that hangs down into Mission Bay with Ingraham ...

Sisterhood of The Damned

Can Palermo, Sicily, help save Tijuana from its crime wave? The surprising answer is maybe, even though Palermo is known as the headquarters of the Sicilian Mafia. Tijuana teachers are learning that, as in Sicily, ...

George's Next Cause

With the downtown baseball stadium all tied up in knots, what's the next big municipal controversy to hit San Diego? Insiders say its charter reform. According to several reports, a group of self-appointed civic leaders, ...

What would happen if two Y chromosomes were fused?

Dear Matt: What would happen if two Y chromosomes were fused together? If XX is female, and XY is male, what would YY be? -- SB at college You'd think that a YY baby would ...

Why, when, and how did they use rabbits for pregnancy tests?

Mattaboy! My wife and I found out recently that she is pregnant, which brought to mind that old phrase, "The rabbit done died." This got me thinking about that wacky scientific/medical practice of using rabbits ...

Color My World: Maps of a difficult planet

One in seven people in the U.S. can't locate their own country on a map.

"Most of the maps in America are not readable. The writing is so small. Thomas Brothers is on the better side, but Rand McNally, for example, the printing is just too small.”

Hemingway at Taco Bell

Rock on, dude.

I am looking at a job application for Jack In The Box and trying to talk myself out of turning the thing in. I have enough Prozac to see me through this — it is ...

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