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Jesse "The Great Pretender" Ventura

Was Jesse a SEAL or a UDT guy?

Jesse may not talk about what he did as a SEAL in Nam because he doesn’t have anything to talk about. Why does the media let Jesse get away with this?

Twelve gates of heaven

He pointed out the apartment where, in 1992, two Hmong boys had been shot by Crips. With his finger Vang traced the path across the lawn that one boy had taken as he tried to escape.

Shoot Time

Duck-killing etiquette near the Chocolate Mountains

At 6:00 a.m. it’s light enough to see across the field in front of us, even though the sun hasn’t yet risen. A shotgun report rings out 50 yards to our right.

What happens to dead ants?

Oh, Matthew Alice: My gears turn in wonder when I see ants and one of them has a dead fellow ant in its jaws. Why do they carry away these dead ants? Where do they ...

What if I am deaf, blind, and in a wheelchair and for some reason I end up getting 10 to 20 at Sing Sing?

Dear Matthew Alice: Please activate your criminal mind to answer this: What if I am deaf, blind, and in a wheelchair and for some reason I end up getting 10 to 20 at Sing Sing. ...

City of Artless Politics

The San Diego Convention Center board of director's vote was tied Friday, November 19, three for Nancy Rubins's proposed Harbor Drive sculpture -- the 102-foot-high, 100-ton arch of 60 cabled-together fiberglass boats -- and three ...

From Sewage to Art and Back Again

If any artist could be considered rough and tough enough to take on San Diego's city hall, it's probably big, bad Chris Burden. The famed L.A. performance artist and sculptor first made his name back ...

Bob Filner and the Playmate

Could Democratic congressman Bob Filner be brought down by a Playboy centerfold? Apparently, state Republicans thought so. No, not that way. The plan, however implausible, was to import ex-Playmate Patricia McClain, a 43-year-old legal secretary ...

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