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An heiress vanishes.

“I’m sorry, sir, I can’t give any information.” Speaking from his Coronado Cays home, Miguel Crespo sounds tired and shaken. His wife, Georgina, was kidnapped over a month ago. “All the family are concerned about ...

South Fortuna Mountain

Prepping hikers for stunning wildflowers

Climb to South Fortuna Mountain in Mission Trails Regional Park via Oak Canyon and its trickling stream.

You Go In Alive and You Come Out Dead

Frank Bompensiero's daughter, Mary Ann, takes Reader writer Judith Moore into confidence.

“Bump,” “The Bomp,” “El Bompo,” “The Bump,” “Bompy,” “The Cigar.” Nobody who knew Frank Bompensiero called him by those names. “If you were a friend or family member,” said Bompensiero’s daughter Mary Ann, “you called ...

Garden of Dry Delights

Don't replace your lawns and hedges with a native-plant garden to eliminate watering. "It is relatively low-water gardening for the amount of plants, but not no-water gardening," says Encinitas native-plant landscaper Dave Buchanan. Tearing out ...

Taking Stock of the Web

To Jay Lacny, it was a simple plan designed to promote his new financial website and "raise the eyebrows" of his online competitors. The effort succeeded in raising eyebrows, all right. Unfortunately, they belonged to ...

Genuine Monica

Popular online-auction company e-Bay is currently offering a made-in-Tijuana, $50 black-velvet painting of Monica Lewinsky. "I am auctioning off this Black Velvet Painting of Monica S. Lewinsky," says the pitch from the Los Angeles seller ...

What is an Irish pearl?

Dear Mr. Alice: Top of the Mulligan t'ye! Can ye be tellin' me what be an Irish pearl? I am the missus of the leprechaun who hoards that legendary pot o' gold at the rainbow's ...

Why do fingernails grow faster than toenails?

Matthew: Why does my fingernail grow faster than my toenail? I smashed one of each at the lumber yard last August, and the fingernail's grown back but the toenail hasn't. -- Bob, telephonically The science ...

Why are there so many Jacks in fairly tales?

Dear Know-It-All: Why are there so many Jacks in fairy tales (Jack Be Nimble, Jack & Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack Sprat, etc.). -- Not Jack, the net Hey, Joe/Bud/Mac/Bubba/John Doe. See? Lotsa general, ...

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