Content for Thursday, January 22, 1998

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Amanda Gaeke: the Guy Who Killed Her and the Guy Who Didn't

Reader writer suspects his roommate.

One night, I heard a tapping on the glass of my bedroom’s French door and saw a shadow disappear around the corner. I pulled the gun from under my bed and loaded it in five seconds.

Pedophile on Beagle Street in Kearny Mesa

No one wants to talk about him

'Never Mind the Dog, Beware of the Owner," reads the sign posted in a window near the front door of Nelson Buhler's home on Beagle Street in Kearny Mesa. The four-bedroom house is blue and ...

Super Bowl's Ritual Sex -deleted per JH

It's a shame that, among the luxurious amenities attached to Super Bowls, there won't be a few massage parlors built into Qualcomm Stadium for the game this year. San Diego is a good massage-parlor town. ...

Ex-San Diego mayor Pete Wilson: "We drove out the schlock developers"

Judith McConnell portrayed as a gay-rights activist

The all-too-familiar scenario of a Super Bowl team demanding a new stadium and threatening to leave town is being repeated in Denver, where, as in San Diego, the major daily newspaper is leading the charge ...

Free-Range Baby

Up on all fours and gumming goop.

He's up. Finian is up on all fours, rocking back and forth, mouth open, eyes alight with desire for Da's keys, just out of reach. He rocks because the legs are willing, but the arms ...

Tarantulas – the Clara Barton of arachnids

Love on eight legs

Six days later, another tarantula crawled into a friend’s house across town. His kitten stalked it and his wife screamed. By then we had learned that tarantulas are “beneficials” who kill insects in the grove.

When my friends and I are running around having a good time, are we raising "cane" or raising "cain?

Dear M.A.: When my friends and I are running around having a good time, are we raising "cane" or raising "cain"? The first makes more sense, but my friend insists it's the latter. Explain, please. ...