Content for Thursday, January 15, 1998

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Finding Family: Smoking Out Okies in San Diego County

Darryl’s Indian grandfather was sentenced to the “big house” (state prison) at McAllister for moon-shining. “Indeterminate sentencing" was an oxymoron for Indians in Oklahoma at that time, so he was in there for years.

M.F.K. Fisher: A Life in Letters

Interview with Fisher's sister, Norah Barr

I asked Mrs. Barr how it had felt, to read the letters her sister, from the time they were both young, had written to her. Some of the letters, I said, were condemnatory and even angry.

North Island key element in the Navy's nuclear fleet

That special glow

The Navy's massive nuclear homeport project on North Island has come down to two state hazardous-waste permits that are pending before the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. One permit was set to go into ...

San Diego cross-dressers want law off the books

Only used 30 times since 1992

Ask Janet -- not her real name -- and she'll tell you there are three things wrong with life in San Diego if you're a transsexual. "We need employment protection, we need homeless shelters that ...

Super Bowl pig fest for media at Sea World

Mexican restaurant in Moscow is called San Diego

A high-flying California investment banker and major underwriter of public bonds with ties to San Diego port commissioner David Malcolm and ex-commissioner Clifford Graves has been indicted on bribery, money laundering, and conspiracy charges for ...

Why are the switches on my fan in reverse order?

Dear Matthew Alice: I was examining my big fan recently and noticed a curious feature. The switches read "OFF-HI-MED-LOW." Why are the speeds in reverse order? Is this a trend that will extend to gas ...

Where does Sea World get the water for their sea animals?

Mattmail: Where does Sea World get the water for their sea animals? -- Adrienne, the Net Personally, I was happier not knowing. Believe it or not, those sparkly pools are filled with water from-- yecch-- ...

What do the Green Bay Packers pack? Cheese?

Yo, Matt: What do the Green Bay Packers pack? Cheese? -- No Cheesehead, Leucadia Meat. Good ol' American red meat. Earl Lambeau hustled $500 from fellow employees at the Indian Packing Company in Green Bay, ...

The heartbreaking Monterey cypress

Pull it up by the roots before you fall in love with it

The Monterey cypress is one of the worst trees for Southern California. It drips needles and sticky sap, is prone to beetles and fungus, and its roots are so invasive it’s difficult or impossible to garden under.