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San Diego district elections has led to small-time pork-barrel projects

Developers learn to work the system

Frustrated with what they said was the city council's inattention to their desire for more park space and city services, and dissatisfied by proliferating potholes, subdivisions, and high-rise waterfront hotels, they launched a petition drive ...

Jeff's docs at Camp Pendleton find he's better without his epilepsy meds

After his fall, Jeff's brain showed to be normal

'September 12 of 1993, when I collapsed at the bowling alley, the Vista Entertainment Center, that was the starting point," Jeff Olsen says. What started on that day was a new life for Olsen, who ...

Escondido's Thai Buddhist monk, Winai Amaro

Lived with corpses in a cave

He's been accused of pretty much everything that could destroy a religious leader: financial misdealing, heresy, lying, insubordination, sexual sin. Angry mobs have burnt chili and salt in a ritual effort to curse his name. ...

Del's new owners are hyping the hotel's connection to Bill Clinton

Vista car-alarm magnate Darrell Issa reported raising six million dollars.

Hundreds of small arts groups may soon have to give up their traditional monetary handouts from San Diego city hall under a plan secretly making the rounds of upper-level city management. The arts subsidies, including ...

When you forward your mail from the U.S. to another country, who gets the postage money?

Matthew: A fine pal o' mine spending time here from New Zealand gets a newsletter from his yacht club in N.Z., postmarked in England, forwarded to Seattle, then here to San Diego. Aside from getting ...

What is the rationale behind computer coloration?

Sir Matt: We were slaying some word processing dragons round the office the other day when we made the following observation: Most high-tech electronic gizmos-- stereos, CD players, camcorders, etc.-- are tinted a Darth Vader-ish ...

What is the meaning behind your name "Straight from the Hip?"

Hey, Matt: What's the meaning behind your name "Straight from the Hip?" -- El Nio, Chula Vista Well, we'd considered calling it "Straight to the Dense" but eventually changed our minds.

It's hard to learn about dolphin training at SeaWorld.

It was the control ultimately that made me not want to be a part of it

When Hoffman tells us it’s time to get into our wet suits I think —Did she also tell me I’d be getting into a wet suit? When I mention this, her response is, well, neutral.

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