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Corvette owners are into them for show, so are Ferrari owners. But Porsche owners are purposeful people.

Go, speed racer! Go, speed racer!

You have seen them, these Porsches — on highways, on city streets, in parking lots — and you have coveted. You have gazed at them as they passed you, stopped and walked around them when ...

Scripps' Nicholas Graham: El Niño is key to just about everything

"This is the big test year"

Can malaria be predicted by changes in ocean temperatures? Can you foretell a dengue fever epidemic by reading atmospheric pressures? Does hantavirus disease follow El Niño? Are climatologists the doctors of the future? The answer ...

Life and death of poet Kathy Asher

Spruce Street Forum service attended by Jerome Rothenberg, David and Eleanor Antin, Melvin Freilicher, Raymond Federman, Susan Orlovksy

Before we get to the memorial held for writer Kathy Acker at the Spruce Street Forum in Hillcrest on Sunday, February 1, we need to go to Palestine or certain things won't make sense. Between ...

Casey Gwinn tells city councilmembers they can grab freebies at city's stadium box

Local GOP convention hosts outspent their party budgets by vast amounts

With a recent court decision to lift campaign-contribution limits statewide, members of the San Diego City Council are busy raising big money from local special interests, according to recently filed campaign-disclosure statements. Byron Wear, who ...

Samoans gather in National City and explain backgound

Those who served the high chief must have tattoos

“When the tattoo is finally done, you wait for a minute for the pain to go down, then you yell. You blast up. You’re finished! You feel like you want to break everything around."

Cancer Isn't the Only Killer Stalking Randa

A cop's plate is too full

Randa’s blood pressure had risen again, and I needed to know why. An African-American police officer in her 40s and a single mother of three, Randa’s lips parted in a jovial smirk. “You really want ...

Pine Valley girl recalls the 1970 Laguna fire

Red sky

In the fall of 1970, California caught fire. Between September 25 and October 3 that year, the U. S. Forest Service recorded 16 fires that consumed over 528,000 acres statewide. From Humboldt County in the ...