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J.R. Westfall, San Diego fungus guru

Dust mites feast on flesh and wood and live inside your house

Lying on my back under a window in a corner of my mother’s dining room, I wondered what the particles floating in the sunbeam above my face were. Insects? Germs? Angels? “Dust motes” I had ...

Mission Hills' weird history

Coffins, gardens, and white folks

Before Captain Henry James “Ninety Fathom” Johnston plunked down $16.25 for 65 acres of prime Mission Hills real estate in 1869, the area was a wasteland of weeds, scrub, and chaparral; a “hopeless tangle of ...

Jody Gravett, orphan, Vietnam vet, in trouble

El Capitan high school not as good as Granite Hills

Jody Gravett's American experience poses some pointed questions about national identity, about responsibility, about what a country does or does not owe the men who risk their lives in its service. But for the moment, ...

A tiny park just north of John Adams Elementary School

"We've taken too much of a Band-Aid approach"

School Board member Ron Ottinger doesn't want to be branded the "candidate who allowed them to bulldoze the park." In a dispute with the San Diego Unified School District that culminated in Normal Heights residents ...

Christine Kehoe is asking for money from arts groups receiving money from city hall

Clinton administration is considering slapping trade sanctions on Rao Gazprom

After a year of legal sparring, sex-club operator Thad Poppell's defamation suit against city Councilman Juan Vargas (D-8) is closer to trial. On January 6, a three-judge panel of the Fourth District Court of Appeal ...

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