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Diary of a Sewer Repair, part one

Concrete pipes replaced on Maple Street

For several months last year, they tore up the streets in my neighborhood, installing a new sewer. I watched this closely, for I had taken — have still — a deep interest in repairs. Repairs, ...

Three Caltrans questions:

Oh, Almighty Matt: I noticed a great dip in the fast lane about half a mile from the I-5/805 split. What's the reason for that? Did they run out of dirt to fill in the ...

Where did the word, "butterfly" come from?

Dear Mr. Alice: My mom and I were watching a butterfly and I asked her why they're called butterflies. They fly, but we couldn't figure out where the butter comes in. Can you help us? ...

Why do people toss coins into fountains?

Dear Matthew Alice: We all know that people like to toss coins into fountains and other artificial bodies of water, but why? To make a wish? How did this practice of throwing money away into ...

Blood on the Mall

Two weeks ago, on Saturday night at around 8:30 p.m. in Plaza Bonita, three janitors mopped blood off the tile floor beside a golden carousel that spun and thundered "You're a Grand Old Flag." Mr. ...

Walt, Monica, and Bill

A few weeks ago, Tony Perry, a reporter for the L.A. Times who knows I love Walt Whitman's poetry, called me on the telephone. "What would Whitman make of the fact," he asked, "that Bill ...

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