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Moe Greenberg Can Still Make Me Cry

Daddy's girl remembers daddy

On Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, Moe Greenberg puts on his suit jacket without a word and drives to temple for the second time, this time alone. During the morning service, my father felt ...

The Tijuana-San Diego life of man executed in Virginia

Mario's story

'Mexican Hit Man Laughs, Forgives Before Execution," headlines read the morning after the State of Virginia killed 26-year-old Mario Benjamin Murphy. "It's a good day to die," he was reported as saying when strapped to ...

Norman "Kyoti" King wants his medical marijuana, cuts CD

Give me back my baggie

Legalize it, legalize it, being in America should be about being free/ Legalize it, legalize it, it's a basic right for you and me. First off, Norman "Kyoti" King has a CD out. Second, he's ...

Mayor Susan Golding warns San Diego about El Nino

Big muddy

Last week, Mayor Susan Golding, who spends much of her time out of the city running for U.S. Senate these days, briefly returned to her old stomping grounds for an elaborately staged media event to ...

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