Content for Thursday, November 13, 1997

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Amy Gerstler, San Diego's wondrous poet

The voice of your thoughts woke me like a rooster announcing the end of the world

"Words that rhymed meant a lot to me, and also were very comforting. I liked knowing things by heart so that when I felt weird or bad or couldn’t sleep, I could repeat them."

How they make M&Ms round

The candy’s dumped into a large drum, like a clothes dryer.

Dear All-Knowing One: Often, candies such as chocolate-covered cherries are mostly rounded, with one flat side. That is due to the candy being laid down to dry after being dipped in the chocolate. But peanut ...

McPhatter's rage at 32nd Street Navy Filipino employees

Black employees grades lowered?

Captain Thomas McPhatter, 74, USN, retired from the Navy Chaplain Corps, stands up. He looks gravely at the dozen people gathered around, mostly African-Americans like him. The meeting comes to order. "In your own way, ...

What happened to Stan Humphries' brain?

Chargers quarterback injured in Nov. 2 Bengals game

In a curious way, Stan Humphries is among the luckier victims of concussion, Schrock says. The hit he took was so hard that it knocked him out, leaving no question that he had been injured.

KFMB-TV's Graham Ledger gets "dart" from the Columbia Journalism Review.

Free eye surgery

Graham Ledger, KFMB-TV's weekend anchor, has drawn a dreaded "dart" from the Columbia Journalism Review. Last February, the magazine reports, Ledger appeared in a two-part television series about a laser fix for nearsightedness -- featuring ...

Twenty-seven years of unread letters in a disabled San Diego child's family

I wonder what you can see as you trouble my silence

Sheri’s brows were knitted, her lips tight. Like a scowling infant, unhappy thoughts appeared to flit over her face. The eyelids fluttered, and then her eyes opened; they were beautiful—large, a brown color flecked with gold.

Why I might not want an electric blanket that cools me

Ask the thermoelectrics experts

Matt: Even here in America’s Finest (Weather) City, most every household undoubtedly contains at least one electric blanket. But why aren’t electric blankets to provide cooling available in stores, too? Since electricity is used in ...