Content for Thursday, May 22, 1997

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Andrew Cunanan — boy toy for socialites Norman Blachford and Lincoln Aston

La Jolla gentlemen and the party boy

Records show that Blachford owns two residences in La Jolla, one at 100 Coast Boulevard, valued at $922,000 and which Cunanan once listed as his address, and the other, valued at about $1.3 million, on Pepita Way.

Why they all it chicken pox

After all your scratching and wondering....

Matmail: Having been recently subjected to the virus that causes chicken pox, I was struck by the thought, I have no idea why it is called CP. Where do chickens figure into this heinous disease? ...

Goofy is definitely a dog

Disney spokespeople won't comment

Mr. M. Alice: What kind of animal is Goofy? My ex-girlfriend (this dispute isn’t the whole reason for our breakup, but a good part of it) maintains that he is a dog, but “Tut-tut,” I ...

My mother and her lovers – evicted from apartment near El Cortez

And you thought your mom was strange

Her friends, her family, my father point at her schizophrenic mother. Or her distant father, who wanted a son, who made it clear he disapproved of daughters by speaking to my mother only in French.

San Diego County's Potrero – refuge for canaries in the mine

"We can breathe pollution-free"

Where do you find a refuge from the 20th Century? Down a dusty drive in the highland backwoods of Potrero, about 45 miles east of San Diego. It sits huddled beneath clusters of century-old olive ...

Life in Valencia Park is simple

When we got to California, life was a lot better

Valerie is an African-American woman living on a hill in Valencia Park. She is 37, but she looks younger. She has a round face surrounded by a curtain of heavy braids and large eyes that ...

John Moores paid disgraced Clinton pal Webb Hubbell $15,000 in "legal fees"

City councilman Juan Vargas attacks swingers club Thad Poppell

Big Nick Canepa, star sportswriter for the Union-Tribune, is already hyping a downtown ballpark and demanding expensive changes in the press box at the existing Mission Valley stadium, all the while taking swipes at the ...

The Great Boston Molasses Flood and the one in Nebraska

Smothered 21 people, injured 150 more

Matmail: Did you ever hear of the Great Boston Molasses Flood, sometime back in the ’20s? Lots of people drowned in a nasty, sticky, slow death, like.wasps. Details, please. — Tim, Just my kind ...