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An unhampered look at Carlsbad's Army Navy Academy

G'Bye mom, So long Dad, Where are the girls? West Point of the West

Societies have often tried to whip their young into adulthood with calculated brutality. Yet even this, intolerable as it is, probably causes less pain — and may even give rise to less brutality in the ...

Random toilet flushing

Likely answer — surge in the water pipes that feed the toilet tank

Dear Matthew Alice: This morning I heard a rumbling sound in my unoccupied bathroom and went there to find that the noise emanated from the toilet bowl. The water in the bowl was trembling, the ...

Pets and their ability to watch TV

Why not The Birds or even a Bass Masters

Matt: I swore my cat Pete watched the movie Balto with me. My friend denied the possibility, saying, “Cats have only the ability to see three-dimensional images” I've seen lots of dogs watch TV, why ...

The weird signs of San Diego

Cruise ships, trucks, Balboa Park

To: Matmail: I’ve always wondered about those signs you occasionally see on the freeway that say “Landscaping Ahead.” Why does Caltrans feel the need to alert drivers to upcoming ice plant?— Ann, Mission Valley Just ...

Special handling of Junior Seau pays off

Chargers linebacker rails against stadium referendum

The crowd, 5000 strong, roared when he was introduced at the Chamber of Commerce rally called to oppose the referendum effort to put the Chargers contract before voters for their approval. Tiaina Baul Seau Jr., ...

Did Ticketmaster Squeeze Ringling Brothers?

Ticketmaster's legal problems may have disappeared from the headlines, but they are far from over. The country's biggest sports and entertainment ticket broker is once again facing an antitrust action in court, this one brought ...

Larry Lawrence and wife Shelia turned up on Bill Clinton's White House stay-over list

Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham son busted after plane crash

The Navy is asking 16,000 sailors some intimate questions as part of a detailed survey of pregnancy aboard ship. Called "Navy Survey of Parenthood and Pregnancy" and drafted by the Navy Personnel Research and Development ...

Striving toward Being: the letters of Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz

Claremont McKenna's Robert Faggen makes accidental discovery

Merton and Milosz met face to face twice, once at Merton’s monastery and once over lunch in the Bay Area. “He said that Merton was very pleasant, very down-to-earth, somewhat surprisingly unstuffy for a monk.

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