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San Diego fireworks fans in a county that forbids them

Bob Weaver's Hot Sheet and how Italians ruled the local industry

For the past few days, Americans in other cities have been flocking to stands and stores and roadside tents, where they've been loading up on fireworks. In places like Birmingham, Alabama, and Cheyenne, Wyoming,* and ...

I bought a pig because I wasn't quite ready for children

Sporky, the porcine pest

My pig discovered glass today. He understood there was some insurmountable clear space he didn't understand, nor could he get through. Nothing more complicated than a sliding glass door to you and me, but to ...

When my wife started labor, we went to the San Diego Zoo

Present at the big moment

When Deirdre went into labor at around noon on May 5, she did the dishes and put in a load of laundry. We called our parents to let them know and to ask for prayers, ...

Why San Diego city manager Jack McGrory quit the Susan Golding team

The convention center, the stadium, the ill-fated library plans

In the end, it was a fatal combination. The gawky, jock-obsessed control freak and the ambitious small-town politician. Jack McGrory and Susan Golding. They were an odd pair, thrown together by political circumstances. Golding, elected ...

Hotel del Coronado plans horrify locals

Pseudo "Bahama Cays" architecture to surround structure

Does Bill Clinton's favorite hostelry, the Hotel del Coronado, need saving? By all appearances, the 109-year-old, 692-room historic landmark is doing fine. Depending on whether you talk to the town's mayor or the hotel's manager, ...

Andrew Cunanan moved $15K/day through bank

The Chicago Tribune has reported that Andrew Cunanan, the gay Bishops School graduate suspected of conducting a nationwide killing spree, deposited and then withdrew large sums of money from two San Diego banks in the ...

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