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Balboa Park museums do surgery on masterpieces

Life is like a candle and the wind approaches

Bringing new life to half-eaten breakfasts.

Stinky cheese and stinky feet

Rennet has been with us forever

Dear Matt: Why do some cheeses smell like people’s feet and vice versa? 2. Who deduced that the extract from a sheep’s stomach was the missing essential ingredient for cheese making? — Curious, North Park ...

Microwave takes double the time as conventional

In cooking potatoes

Mattman: How come when I put two potatoes in my microwave it takes twice as long to cook them as to cook one? When I put two potatoes in my conventional oven, it doesn’t take ...

Blowing really does cool off your soup

Hot molecules are hopping around

Dear Mr. Alice: I was contemplating a hot bowl of soup the other day, eager to eat but reluctant to burn my tongue. So of course, I scooped up a spoonful, blew on it a ...

The rhino as fire marshall

The myth in The Gods Must Be Crazy

Matmail: This weekend we rented the 1980 film The Gods Must Be Crazy. In this film the rhinoceros is depicted as being the “self-appointed fire marshal of the veldt,” and one is actually seen stamping ...

Hamels of Mission Beach mad at city, ready to quit

Sand scraped, boardwalk cracked

The Hamels are ready to call it quits. After 30 years of running their sportswear and bike rental emporium at the foot of Ventura Place in Mission Beach, brothers Dan and Ray Hamel want to ...

Uninsured and sick in San Diego

"I can't afford this"

Last time I saw Sara Gagliardi, she was bent double. Sweat poured off her brow. She was in pain. She limped to the back of the health food store where she was working and sat ...

Nackey Scripps Loeb grew up on E.W. Scripps' sprawling Miramar Ranch

Continues front-page editorials in New Hampshire

The story of ex-Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rocky Bleier's cross-country fight with ex-wife Aleta Whitaker over the $900,000 she says he owes her is front-page news in Pittsburgh. He says he can't afford to pay ...

Coast to Coast in Kerouac's Time

Disillusionment on wheels

Over lunch, Tony’s family debated the benefits of Chicago and San Diego. Mrs. Russo, Tony, and his sister preferred Chicago. Mr. Russo claimed he would have stayed out West except for the family’s nagging.

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