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Alexander Theroux describes Anza-Borrego desert

A wanderer in the wasteland

It was all of it sad, godforsaken country. Last summer in a remote area south of here, around Split Mountain, a man whose car had broken down was found dead. He was shoeless and his brain had boiled.

San Diego viatical company buys AIDS victims insurance policies

Need cash before you die?

"Let's say you figure the guy is going to live two years," says Ted Martin. "Here's the way a breakdown would work: You take his $100,000 [life insurance] policy. You're going to pay the guy, ...

San Diego City Council scrambles to raise money before new rules

The last lucrative off-season

The speeches are over, the yard signs are long gone, and the TV reporters are back covering drive-by shootings or bemoaning the possible demise of the Holiday Bowl parade. Campaigns for four seats on the ...

Lynn Schenk gets cash from Lerach law firm

Most expensive California assembly race was Howard Wayne versus Tricia Hunter

Ex-congresswoman Lynn Schenk is still kicking around the idea of running for state attorney general. Campaign reports show that over the past six months the lawyer from La Jolla has raised $52,000 for her "exploratory" ...

Matt Lickona purchases a grey cardigan sweater

Fatherhood looms on a young man's horizon.

"Talk to him," my wife commands, and I obey. I bend down, place my mouth against her belly, and say hello to my son, whose ears are fully developed by now. I tell him that ...

See Donald plot murder, see Jane pray

Santa didn’t give them dope

Now, anybody don’t trust me, he ought to say so. He ought to come clean.”“What happens do he say so?” Pill queried. Donald leaned closer to me, “Boy come clean, he go back to the hall. That’s what.”

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