Content for Thursday, February 6, 1997

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What San Diego wine experts say among themselves

Taste, taste, taste, taste, and then taste a hundred times more

Eddie Osterland, one of 29 master sommeliers in the U.S., left New York because he wanted to raise his daughter in less aggressive surroundings, and he chose San Diego because “this is a beautiful city, ...

Thinking of freeze-drying my dead dog

Consider a move to Peruvian Andes

M Alice: How do freeze-dryers work? Why can’t you buy them for home use? I find practically no information on the subject, as if there was a coverup conspired by giant food-processing corporations. Am I ...

The side of the neck bitten by vampires

The London murderer, Puerto Rican chupacabras, and Steffi Graf at Wimbledon

Dear Matthew Alice: Does it make a difference to a vampire which side of the neck he/she bites? If the vampire wants iron-rich blood, then the left side is the place to suckle. Or the ...

Monica Pollard has every right to return to Oceanside

"This Is Just Like O.J."

San Diego may soon be home to a notorious New England killer. On a hot summer day in July 1985, in the northwest Vermont farming town of St. Albans, a man named Monica Pollard plunged ...

Americans, Homeless in the Dry Wash of Ensenada

"You're a hard man to find." Glassy red eyes regard me with fear. The stubble-haired male, somewhere between 60 and 80, is buried deep in his sleeping bag. The brown cotton bag stinks of urine ...

San Diego like Oakland, says Bond Buyer,

Raiders ticket sales did not meet projections

The scrap over the stadium has drawn the attention of the Bond Buyer, the national magazine for those in the business of buying and selling municipal securities. "Bond dealers wonder if San Diego is repeating ...

Dear Jane, Please Send LSD

I took a job substitute teaching for the Grossmont high school district and tried writing a novel. My desk was in the dining room, but most of my roommates had day jobs, so the afternoons were quiet enough.