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Fiction writer Cris Mazza suffers death of a shelti

Run Tara run

When I was a freshman in college, our family pet, a Shetland sheepdog named Shep, was killed by a car as he roamed the neighborhood in search of a bitch in season. A student in ...

Why you pull out more than one facial tissue at a time

The secret to interleaved, pop-up tissues

Q: Hi, Matt! Why is it that every time I open a brand new box of facial tissues, I pull out two or three tissues at once? I only want one at a time. Why ...

La Jolla's Diversa gets to mine Yellowstone

Germ rush

When Diversa Corporation, a biotech company based in La Jolla, signed the first commercial prospecting agreement in a national park four months ago, Vice President Al Gore applauded it as a landmark alliance between the ...

Alex Spanos treats Bob Hope

But then the Raiders hammer the Chargers

Bob Hope needs a lift, and Alex G. Spanos is there. Not in person -- Spanos is long gone, boiling mad and flying home aboard his private Gulfstream jet -- but there in spirit and ...

How to procure 1998 Super Bowl tickets

Get 'em while they're hot

Who says locals can't go to the Super Bowl? But you need to either be good buddies with a city councilmember or have enough scratch to pay your own way. Check out some current ticket ...

Why we call the gobblers turkeys

Why do the Turks call them indias?

Okay, Matt: Now that turkey day is past, I'll try again: Why do we call the gobblers turkeys? Why do the Turks call them indias? And I've since learned from an Indian friend that the ...

After they shot Juan Soldado in 1938

Tijuana's saint

Tijuana: Valentine’s Day, 1938. In the most notorious crime in the young city’s history, an all-night search by relatives, friends, and authorities ends at dawn with the discovery of eight-year-old Olga Comacho’s butchered body, half ...

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