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Riding and ranching in the Tijuana river valley

You're always the cowboy

Ron Mullis at Sandi’s: “They sold him a 5-year-old gelding, but what he took home was an 18-year-old range stud. Next morning he came out with a halter, and the horse threw him like a rag doll.”

The legality of owning an owl feather

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act covers the whole bird or any parts

Matthew Alice: I found an owl feather and stuck it in my hatband, and some lady insisted that it was illegal for me to do that. How can that be? — Richard, Escondido I don’t ...

If two full moons a month equal a blue moon...

.... what about two new moons a month?

Dear Matt, Purveyor of Knowledge, Great and Infinitesimal: While perusing my 1997 tide calendar and looking ahead to the tide fluctuations in the coming months, I noticed in October that there re two new moons ...

Where hamburgers came from

Russian Tartars and German hackfleisch

Matmail: All right, this has bugged me for years. Hamburgers. There's no ham in them! In fact, these days there is little meat of any kind in them. How did they get named? Is it ...

Alcohol and Siamese twins

One out carousing all night, the other trying to sleep through the partying

Matthew Alice: Can a Siamese twin get their connected sibling drunk? — mattyj, the Net Got to say I’ve never considered that dilemma. One twin a teetotaler, one a lush. One out carousing all night, ...

The making of Twinkies

Snack as brain softener

Dear Matt: I just love that dangerously delicious snack food the Hostess Twinkie!! Those beautiful little gold bars of yellow sponge cake and that cloudlike white filling can make me dance with joy! During a ...

Accused Pedophile Priest Sets Up Housekeeping in Little Italy

Why is Roman Catholic priest Rudolph Kos, a.k.a. Rudy Edward, a.k.a. Father Rudy, whom a Dallas jury found liable for sexually abusing 11 boys, able to live without supervision near an elementary school in downtown's ...

C. Arnholt Smith's Vacuum Cleaner Fixer

A talented fixer remembers doo-dads of the rich and famous

Browse through toasters, blenders, and unnameable parts for God-knows-what, a dozen or more sizes and variations of vacuum-cleaner bags, clock radios, coffeemakers, water filters, vaporizers, humidifiers, computer manuals, an icecream maker, an Electro-Lux vacuum-cleaner cylinder.

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