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The San Diego life of a castrated man

Tom, it's time for your shot

I first heard about Tom Blarney from a woman with whom I had worked. She had a friend, she said, who had lost both testicles to cancer. He now took supplemental testosterone shots, and he ...

Elvira and the scandal of the Santa Fe railroad

The mysterious sign near the I-5 and 52

Mat: I used to ride along the bike route that goes under the bridges at the I-5 and 52 intersection. Directly under the bridges along the railroad tracks is a sign that says “Elvira.” Was ...

You don't have to be lawyer to use "Esq"

A puffy, self-bestowed honorific.

Dear Matthew Alice: What does Esquire mean after someone’s name? How do you get one? Can I get one? Why is it always a man’s name? I’ve never seen a woman’s name followed by Esquire. ...

Why San Diego beaches have few shells

We mostly have the drab kinds

Dear Mr. Alice: Please answer these two questions that are keeping me awake nights: 1. Why are there no shells on our local beaches? 2. How come you know everything? — John d’Escondido Which local ...

The growing Copley mansion, Fox Hole, at 1252 Virginia Way

Crystal chandelier shaped like an ascension balloon

Construction crews are again hard at work at David Copley's corner of La Jolla, where three years ago they added what the San Diego Union-Tribune at the time called "a many splendored wing" that more ...

Gang accusation at Bell Junior High in Paradise Hills

Let's try to take the emotion out of this

A Bell Junior High School student reports to his parents that there has been a riot at school. He further relates that he was jumped, kicked, and beaten by 20 students. The child is African ...

Charles Manson weighs in on Rancho Santa Fe's Heaven's Gate

"Those monks that just took their heads in San Diego? They're well behind the times."

NBC went to court last Friday against a Michigan minister the network says reneged on an agreement to sell it exclusive rights to a videotape of the Rancho Santa Fe cult members' final good-byes for ...

How border with Mexico was set

A league south of the southern tip of San Diego Bay

Dear M.A.: Is it true that the original boundary between the U.S. and Mexico was seven miles north of the present one, and the U.S. “took” the rest? A friend who grew up in Tijuana ...

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